33 Overdosed In New York City Apartment


Over thirty people were found overdosed, after taking part in a New York City apartment party.

Over thirty people were found overdosed, after taking part in a New York City apartment party. This mass overdose sparked warnings from health officials and the police, about the dangers of K2, or synthetic marijuana.

The first calls came on Tuesday. There were numerous reports of people overdosing in a Brooklyn neighborhood. Victims were lying on the pavement, shaking and leaning against fire hydrants and trees.

Thirty-three people were hospitalized with minor injuries, and police found that some of the victims had been smoking K2. Dennis Gonzalez of Bushwick said that the situation in Brooklyn had gotten out of hand. People sleep on the street, and it’s hard to walk around them or to keep the situation under control.

The Health Department issued a warning about K2, a very dangerous synthetic drug. K2 causes extreme anxiety, confusion, hallucination, reduced blood supply to the heart, kidney failure, vomiting, fainting and other unpleasant side effects.

K2 affects the same area of the brain as cannabis, and it contains lab made chemicals that are not derived from marijuana plants.

According to Brian Arthur, a local from Bedford-Stuyvesant, the streets of Brooklyn looked like the site out of a zombie apocalypse movie, on Tuesday morning. Overdosed users had collapsed on the streets of the neighborhood and 22 had to be rushed to the hospital.

Firefighters and paramedics found a horrible scene, with people twitching or motionless. Some of the people affected were violent and tried to fight paramedics. Desperate residents have posted “No Smoking K2” signs around the affected area.

Ambulances pick these people up around the clock. Police see them, but can’t do anything. Addicts sometimes have sex on the sidewalk, in front of passers-by and even kids.

A few people have gotten stabbed. Addicts rob delivery people , break windows and it gets really dangerous at night. Mayor de Blasio made it a crime to sell or produce K2, punishable by a year in jail and fines of up to 55,000 dollars. He said that the drug is a poison for public health, and it killed too many New Yorkers.

There were 1,200 hospitalizations linked to this drug, in July 2015 only. That averages to 40 a day. However, since March there have only been 178 hospitalizations. The production and sale of this powerful drug was outlawed in New York since October 2015.

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Image Source – Pixabay