47 Dead in the Pakistan Plane Crash

47 Dead in the Pakistan Plane Crash

On Thursday, Pakistan mourned the 47 victims of the deadly plane crash which happened on Wednesday. According to reports, flight PK661 crashed into a mountain near the Havelian town. The plane was only 31 miles away from its destination, in the capital city of Islamabad. This accident is the deadliest one in four years in Pakistan.

What caused the tragedy?

Authorities initially believed that the cause of the tragedy was an engine problem. Still, nothing is certain at the moment. According to Pakistan International Airlines chairman, the plane which crashed on Wednesday obtained an A-check certification, so there was nothing wrong with it and most importantly, the engine was working perfectly fine. He also said that he is absolutely sure that no human error happened. An investigation will be conducted in order to find out what was the exact cause of this plane crash.

A famous singer among victims

Many people in Pakistan expressed their condolences to the family of Junaid Jamshed. He was the lead vocalist of the rock band Vital Signs, one of the most popular in Pakistan in the 1990s. He was a controversial figure because he gave up on his music career to become a travelling evangelist. The path he took was really surprising because everyone knew him as a rock sensation, a true rockstar. However, he chose to become a preacher, let his beard grow and travel with the group Tableeghi Jamaat.

Foreigners and children perished

A spokesman for Pakistan International Airlines said that the number of victims has reached 47. 42 of them were passengers and 5 were members of the crew. There were no survivors. According to a hospital in Abbottabad, until now only five victims have been identified, as the other bodies were in very poor condition. The black box of the plane has reportedly been found and it will be analyzed.

Among the victims there were also three foreign people, two Austrians and a Chinese. According to locals, every year there are many tourists coming to the mountain resort of Chitral, the place from where the airplane took off. One of the victims was actually a member of the royal family of Chitral, along with his wife and other family members. Another victim was an administrative official, who died with his wife and daughter.

Trouble in Pakistan ’s air industry

The air industry in Pakistan has been subject of complaints for quite some time. In 2010, 152 people died in a plane crash near the capital, Islamabad. This was the worst plane crash in the history of the country. As soon as last year, a helicopter belonging to the military also crashed and eight people lost their lives. Back in 2012, all 127 passengers from a Bhoja Air plight died when the plane crashed near Islamabad because of poor weather conditions.

The aircraft which crashed on Wednesday was French made in 2007 and had around 18 739 of hours of flight. The captain also had experience, logging more than 12 000 hours of flight in his entire career. So, apparently, there was no reason whatsoever for the plane to crash. And yet, it did. Now, the authorities are trying to discover what actually caused the tragedy.

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