5G Tested by AT&T for Faster Wireless Networks

The next generation 5G tested by AT&T for faster wireless networks will be available in the next years.

The new 5G tested by AT&T for faster wireless networks might soon become a reality. The new technology is set to arrive sometime over the next five years, just like the promised lightning fast cable connection. However, AT&T will start more tests later this year in Texas and thus hopes to better understand what is necessary for the next generation of connectivity.

The newest report on the matter includes some details on AT&T’s grand plan. It appears that over the next months the company will start working with both Intel and Ericsson. The lab work is expected to reach results in summer 2016, when it will also be tested for the first time. Furthermore, the company is planning to begin field trials of 5G in several fixed locations around Austin before the year ends. Next, limited commercial services could be deployed.

The 5G service is expected to reach speeds from ten to one hundred times faster than the current 4G LTE. AT&T believes that users will be able to download a full high definition movie in just a couple of seconds. AT&T Technology and Operations Group Presidents and Chief Strategy Officer John Donovan has declared that networks will be tested more than ever with the new emerging technologies that are becoming more and more advanced, like self-driving cars and virtual reality.

Furthermore, the most important aspect of 5G is that it will take much of the work that is usually done by firewalls, routers and network equipment and move it to software virtual functions. This is very similar to getting rid of, for instance, your cd player, road maps and camera and replacing them with a smartphone where you can download apps which can help you in the same way.

It appears that the company has already moved 6% of the network and is planning to reach 30% by the end of this year. Donovan believes 5G will be able to reach its complete potential because AT&T is focusing on software instead of hardware, and thus the technology will have the capability of quickly adapting to demands, but also giving more control to the customers of the network services.

While this might be the beginning for the 5G tested by AT&T for faster wireless networks, it will still take quite some years before the technology will reach the public. However, wireless providers from South Korea are hoping to be able to release 5G before 2018, when the Winter Olympics will take place in Pyeongchang.

Image Source: Smart Data Collective