Over 75 Dogs Kept in ‘Inhumane’ Conditions in Mich. Couple’s Home

Caged dog in a shelter

Authorities seized nearly 80 dogs from a Michigan couple who was keeping them in “inhumane” conditions.

On Tuesday, Cottrellville Township authorities rescued more than 75 dogs kept in “inhumane” conditions in the house of a middle-aged couple. The couple are currently facing criminal charges.

Authorities, however, needed two days to get all the dogs out. They initially thought that there were only 15 dogs involved. Plus, the owners have declined to hand over all the animals until the sheriff obtained a warrant against them this week.

Sheriff Tim Donnellon said that he hasn’t seen a worse animal hoarding case in his entire career. He’s been in the law enforcement for nearly three decades. The sheriff added that rescuers were shocked to find more than 75 canines roaming free on the first floor of a home.

But the couple did no harm to the animals. The 66-year-old man and 56-year-old woman who kept the dogs captive initially took good care of them. But as dogs grew in numbers, the couple failed to properly take care of them.

Authorities found that the animals lived in “inhumane” conditions with feces and urine all over the place. Animal rescue teams were alerted by the couple‘s next door neighbor, Greg Bosel.

Bosel said that he had been hearing the animals barking for a long time before he decided to call authorities. He took the decision after the smell became unbearable. Bosel recalls that he could no longer stay outdoors because of the stench.

But the neighbor had no idea just how many abandoned pooches the couple had in their home. He told authorities that he suspected they had about 15 dogs. He has never imagined that there were nearly 80 animals.

He added that when he learned the real figure he was shocked. He couldn’t grasp where would so many dogs fit inside such a small home.

“The home is not that big,”

he added.

Bosel also said that he loved animals too but what he saw in his neighbors’ home was too much.

Authorities also reported that not all dogs are stray dogs. They also found some purebred canines including several Norrbottenspets and Norwegian Buhunds. The animals were taken to different shelters supervised by the St. Clair County Sheriff and Mich. Humane Society.

As of now, the dogs cannot be adopted as they are still part of a criminal case.

Image Source: Flickr