“A Day Without Immigrants”  Falls Flat

“A Day Without Immigrants” Falls Flat

On Thursday, immigrants from all over the United States refused to go to work, to school and did not buy absolutely anything. This all happened as part of a huge protest which was meant to show the country how “a day without immigrants” is. The movement was organized as part of a protest against president Donald Trump’s immigration policies and executive orders which were extremely controversial and criticized. Also, people taking part in the protest wanted to show their support for the undocumented immigrants which have had a bull’s-eye on their back as of late. Restaurants and many other businesses closed in all but a dozen states in the United States. Among the biggest cities which participated in the protest were Chicago, San Francisco, New York and even Washington D.C. Only one problem nobody noticed that it was happening. The protest did little and most people had no idea that it was happening. 

Supporting the working immigrants

This recent protest is very similar to another one which took place in May 2006. Back then, hundreds of thousands of people refused to go to work or school in order to protest against president Bush’s immigration reforms. Statistics are showing that in 2015, foreign-born people comprised almost 17 per cent of the entire workforce in the United States. From 2004 through 2014, immigrants represented around 47 per cent of the nation’s workforce expansion. Moreover, over 13 per cent of the entire American population is foreign born. This means about 443 million people in total.

For example, in Alabama, owners closed over sixty businesses for the day. Most of them did not care about losing money for one day if it meant that they can support those people who are living in fear. In Arizona, many students refused to go to school. A spokesman for a high school said that while they do not support students skipping school, they understand their sympathy for the immigrants which suffer enormously. Many have relatives who are in this situation. The school officials accepted a peaceful protest but told students that skipping school is not the best solution.

Businesses closed

A McDonald’s restaurant in California could not serve the clients at the drive through. This happened because many of the employees did not come to work. The Colorado Restaurant Association also told its members that employees who did not come not work on Thursday should not be punished. They did this as a sign of protest and in support of the immigrants. The same thing happened in Connecticut, a ta Peruvian restaurant.

Protesters gathered in Florida and Georgia too. Many of them said they have family members who are foreign born and that they were protesting for them. People should not live in fear, especially when they are part of the country’s working force. And especially when they have done nothing wrong. Protests took place in Indiana, Illinois and Iowa too. All in all, it seems like “a day without immigrants” might paralyze a big part of the United States. We will see if the administration will get any ideas from this fact.

Unfortunately, for the protesters President Trump had a press conference that took over the entire news cycle and diminished the protest. Also, there is mounting evidence that across party lines most Americans agree that undocumented immigrants should be departed. Americans seem to all agree that if you are here illegally you should not be allowed to here.

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