Ad Blockers Are Reinstated by Google

Some ad blockers are reinstated by Google to its app store.

Recent news have reported that ad blockers are reinstated by Google to its Play Store. Only last week Adblock Fast from Samsung was removed from the Android App store. However, it seems that now the company is going back on its previous decision.

Adblock Fast, one of the many blockers of advertisements available on the market, was banned from Google’s Play Store because it seemingly violated some of its developer agreements. The agreements were related to the use of plugins which alter software from third parties.

Rocketship Apps has uploaded the ad blocker a month ago and managed to climb to the top spot in the free apps category. This comes as no surprise as most users are annoyed by the intrusive advertisements. Unfortunately, it was quickly pulled down.

As a result, the application submitted an appeal one week ago which was accepted by Mountain View, the tech firm based in California. Adblock Fast was reinstated on February 5 and republished on February 9.

Google has yet to explain its actions. It seems their initial idea was to limit the blocking of ads to Internet browsers. However, standalone apps like Adblock Fast also neutralize ads from different applications, thus altering the content of third-party apps. Mountain View is monitoring apps that intrude upon others without the consent of the developers, which excludes Samsung’s ad blocker, since the company is officially working with Rocketship Apps.

Other ad blockers did not encounter the same problems. Adblock Plus was not removed from the Play Store, nor been contacted by Google. However, the major company is set to closely monitor and reject any apps that interfere with the content or functionality of others without the consent of the developers or in unauthorized ways.

Blockers such as the popular API are supported since it integrates within other apps by using authorized channels. Adblock Fast is available at the moment on the Google Play Store for Samsung owners of smartphones equipped with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Samsung Internet 4.0.

Since ad blockers are reinstated by Google, we will have to wait to hear the opinion and explanations of the company. However, the popularity of such ad blockers is only expected to grow, since advertisements are not only annoying, but they also make web pages load slowly and even cause web browsers to crash.

Image Source: BGR