Americans Do Not Get Enough Sleep

The fact that Americans do not get enough sleep does not come as a big surprise.

Scientists have unsurprisingly discovered that Americans do not get enough sleep. The study was conducted by CDC and its results demonstrate that one third of the United States’ population is sleep deprived, since it cannot rest for more than seven hours per night.

Unfortunately, we live in an age when our lifestyles have determined us to get less and less sleep, and thus become dependent on caffeine in the mornings and on various medications such as melatonin. If you take a look at the people walking on the streets in the mornings towards their jobs, you will see something very similar to a zombie horde. What is even worse is that this happens every day, not only on the night we choose to spend partying or working.

According to the CDC, sleep deprivation is one of the biggest problems in the U.S. Since sleep is supposed to regenerate us, its lack can lead to more than dark patches under our eyes. People who cannot get enough sleep are prone to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and heart stroke. So how did the CDC achieve these results?

Well, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a survey that involved 444,306 citizens of the United States. 65% of them stated that they do sleep more than seven hours each night. 35% noted that they have chaotic sleep patterns or that they get less sleep than it is recommended.

It appears that among the factors that cause the lack of sleep are unemployment or an issue that is impeding people from getting a job. This completes other studies that have linked sleep deprivation to depression and unemployment.

In more details, it seems that people with higher education are more likely to sleep more hours, as well as married people. This happens either because these individuals are more aware of the fact that they need sleep or that they have jobs that pay better. Married people tend to avoid wasting their nights in clubs or partying until the morning. Furthermore, different racial or ethnic groups also suffer more from sleep deprivation than others, like black or multiracial people.

Americans do not get enough sleep, and this certainly leads to a bad quality of life. Unfortunately, this does not only include the lack of energy and concentration, but also the risks of diseases such as high blood pressure, obesity, heart stroke, diabetes, mental distress and cardiovascular diseases.

Image Source: Pixabay