Anti-Trump Protestors Ghastly Behavior In DC…You Won’t Believe What They Did

Anti-Trump Protestors Ghastly Behavior In DC…You Won’t Believe What They Did

Last night in Washington DC police clashed with anti-Trump protesters at the “Deploraball”  which was a ball for Trump supporters. Including those in attendance was Sean Hannity and Gerold Rivera. Outside of the “Deploraball” event, the Daily Mail reported that a “massive crowd” assembled. A Pro-Trump supporter that did not attend the event named, James Allsup claimed that he was assaulted in two separate incidents. Here is the video of him being sucker punched.

Here are pictures of him after being struck allegedly by a protestor with a flagpole.

Allsup in an interview with Fox News said that:

‘I was wearing my “Make America Great Again” hat, and a white male came up behind me and swung at me with a flagpole – I kind of blacked out for a minute,’ 21-year-old James Allsup told Fox News.
‘Before I knew it my head was gushing blood – there’s blood on my Trump hat.’

Throughout the night protestors, clashed with police and attempted to gain entry toward Trump’s hotel where he is staying.

Cops on bicycles were the first to arrive and soon found their transport strewn across the street by the protesters.
One officer threw his own bike out of the way so he could join a human barricade to stop the protesters getting close to the hotel.
Most of the Trump family was away from the hotel at the time as they were just leaving the Make America Great Again Welcome Celebration concert at the Lincoln Memorial. But his 10-year-old son Barron was believed to be inside
The protesters knocked down barricades outside the hotel but dispersed peacefully after chanting ‘No KKK. No Fascist USA’ for a few minutes

Below is a video of protestors clashing with police:

Protester Sarko Sarkodie during an interview with CNN said:

‘This is to build up momentum and mobilize people so that whatever s*** is coming down the pipe with Trump and Pence – their regime – we need to be ready,’ 26-year-old Sarko Sarkodie said.
‘The alt-right’s vision for this country is not the one that we need. I’m out here tonight because I want to be part of the resistance efforts happening this week, and the resistance that’ll be happening the next four years.’

Last night was a stark contrast to the “peaceful protest” outside the Vice President-Elects home on Wednesday night. However, I would imagine that some of these protestors are paid to put themselves in danger like Mr. Allsup, and paid to cause mayhem like the person that punched Mr. Allsup.

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