Anti- Trump protests in Portland turn Violent

Anti- Trump protests in Portland turn Violent

In Portland, Oregon, last night was a violent one. Anti-Trump protests turned violent and around 4 000 people wreaked havoc. Some smashed windows, other lit different objects, all while chanting rejection phrases against the newly-elected president, Donald Trump. As it was getting late, the police forces tried to stop them from rioting by pushing people and throwing objects at them, to make them stop. They even needed to use tear gas to stop the violence from spreading, and arrested many people. Thursday night was the second one of protests all over the U.S. after the election of Donald Trump.

The protests in Portland were the worst, as people were really violent and damaged cars and threw projectiles at police officers. The police needed to declare the protest a riot, due to its “unlawful” nature.

Other cities were engulfed by protests too

But these kinds of protests also happened in other cities like Los Angeles,  Philadelphia, Denver, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Dallas and Oakland or California. Donald Trump reacted on Twitter and said that after an open election, these protesters are violent because they are incited by the media. He called this situation “unfair”.

Violence was not everywhere

But the protests were not everywhere as violent as they were in Portland. In Philadelphia people were more somber, as one protester said that everyone regardless of their race, skin color, gender or sexual orientation should be welcomed in the US. She encouraged people to not accept Trump’s misogynistic ideas and to not be afraid to act.

In Minneapolis, the situation was the same. People thought that it is important to make their voices heard and to not fall prey to Donald Trump’s misogyny and racism. In Denver, many protesters blocked Interstate 25. According to the police, the crowd went on the freeway and kept cars from passing. It blockage went on for about half an hour. In Minneapolis and LA, protesters also shut down a highway.

The LGBTQ communities act

In San Francisco, high school students went on the streets holding signs reading “Not my president” and urging Trump to step down because people do not want him. They even brought rainbow flags along with Mexican flags. Many people from the LGBTQ communities were also at the protests, fighting for their rights.

In New York, the Trump Tower was the main target of the protesters, who gathered there for a second night. A protester said that from the climate change issue to the mass deportations, Donald Trump got everything wrong. So he must not be encouraged to act. In Louisville, Kentucky, 500 people protested and in Baltimore they went into a stadium where a football game was being played.

All in all, it looks like people are not going to stop protesting any time soon. It is a good and inspiring thing that they are willing to fight for what they believe in, but when the situation turns violent, measures must be taken. For now, nobody knows what Trump is about to do as president. Until we find out, things might better be calm. In everyone’s best interest.

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