Apple Music Will Be Launched on Sonos

Apple Music will be launched on Sonos tomorrow.

Apple Music will be launched on Sonos tomorrow, as announced by the company. The good news were joined by a report of the results of a study about the positive effects of listening out loud to music.

The purpose of the integration is to make the lives of people more pleasant. However, the devices are quite pricey since Play:1, which is the cheapest Sonos speaker, is about $200. If you wish to equip all your rooms with Sonos you might easily reach $1,000.

However, the company is focused on convincing customers that the system has an important part to play in a better living environment. Apple Music will be integrated in the popular platform, and in order to attract more people the company has also released a report on why you should listen to as much music as possible at your home. The study was conducted by a team of specialists led by Dr. Daniel J. Levitin, author of This Is Your Brain on Music.

The research consisted in an experiment that took place last month. 30,000 people took part to a survey, after which the company equipped thirty families from all around the world with various devices: the Sonos system, iPhones to control music and record data and Apple Watches for monitoring the burned calories, the movement and the heart rate. The families were observed first without any music playing for one week, and then for another week with music playing out loud in the background.

The data pointed towards the fact that when people started to listen to music out loud they developed closer and stronger relationships, since they started to spend much more time in close proximity of each other. Furthermore, they started eating one more meal together than they did before. Couples also reported having intimate relations twice as often since starting to listen to music. Other results showed that pressing the play button made people 25% more inspired, 24% less irritable and 12% less jittery.

John MacFarlane, CEO of Sonos, stated that numerous Sonos owners have shared their stories about how the devices have changed their lives at home, and this is the proof of the benefits of Sonos.

While it is true the system is costly, it seems to definitely make a difference in the environment of our homes. The fact that you can control it from anywhere around the house with your phone makes it even more pleasant. Since Apple Music will be launched on Sonos, you will also be provided with an extremely wide range of music genres.

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