Former “Apprentice” Contestant Sues Trump for Defamation

Former “Apprentice” Contestant Sues Trump for Defamation

On Tuesday, a former contestant in Donald Trump’s TV show “The Apprentice” filed a defamation suit against him. Her reason for doing so is the supposed unwanted sexual advances he made. Summer Zervos made an appearance together with her attorney in Los Angeles and announced the suit which she filed because Trump publicly denied her claims and accused her of fabricating everything.

Another sexual assault issue

Zervos and her attorney announced the lawsuit during a press conference in Los Angeles. They also released an official statement which offers some details about her decision. According to her, she decided to do this because Trump failed to retract his statements in which he denied her allegations along with many others, coming from different women. Moreover, he even accused them of making up those facts and said that he never groped nor kissed forcefully any of them. She reportedly filed the case in a law court in New York.

A spokeswoman for Donald Trump thoroughly dismissed the allegations and stated that this story is “absurd”. Zervos was a contestant on “The Apprentice” in 2006. In October, he released a statement in which he declared that he never behaved inappropriately with Zervos. He said that he did not even remember her that well from the contest. However, he mentioned that she repeatedly e-mailed his office asking for him to visit her restaurant in California. His team also released another statement last year in which Zervos’ cousin said that she always spoke of Trump in high praise and never complained about anything.

Summer Zervos has another version

However, Zervos’ attorney said that she interviewed three different witnesses. Among them was Zervos’ father who said that she indeed told him about Trump’s inappropriate behavior towards her. Moreover, according to the attorney, Zervos also had taken a lie detector test which she passed. The attorney also said during the press conference that her client has a lot of courage to sue “the most powerful man on the planet”.

However, there is a very interesting situation which might happen with this recent law suit against Trump. The attorneys might ask for the release of the outtakes from his 14 “The Apprentice” seasons. This is something Donald Trump has always avoided to do, for unknown reasons. His team managed to keep the recordings out of the public eye. Some are saying that they contain the proof of Trump’s inappropriate behavior or his lewd remarks. The attorney said that any evidence which proves what her client’s claims is welcome and would help greatly.

When Zervos’ attorney was asked why did her client chose to file the lawsuit now, days before Trump’s inauguration, she had a rather vague answer. She said that Zervos waited long enough, two months, and that time is up. Timing is not important, but the allegations are. Reportedly, both Summer Zervos and her attorney are going to take part in the women’s march on Washington. This will take place on Saturday and it is a protest against Donald Trump’s inauguration.

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