Atmosphere of Earth Does Not Look Very Well

It seems that the atmosphere of Earth does not look very well as seen from space.

According to astronaut Scott Kelly who is currently on the International Space Station, the atmosphere of Earth does not look very well. Kelly did an interview while being in space and he warned that we should take measures to sustain the atmosphere that looks extremely fragile.

Kelly is the astronaut that spent the most time in space in history, reaching five hundred days away from Earth during six different missions. He is currently on his 321st day of the current mission set to last for one year. The astronaut has been very active on social media and has amazed people with his breathtaking photos. Kelly will return home in March, but in the meantime has spoken via satellite with a correspondent from CNN.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Chief Medical Correspondent, has asked him to compare Earth with a human body and define its condition. The astronaut’s response focused on the pollution levels that are visible from space, especially over Central America and Asia, and thus stated that some areas definitely look sick. Furthermore, weather phenomena like tropical typhoons have started to show up in unexpected locations.

While Kelly does not believe the atmosphere of our planet looks unhealthy, be believes we must take measures to protect its visible fragility and prevent it from further damage.

Kelly is joined by Russian astronaut Mikhail Kornienko on the International Space Station. His current mission is to study his physical and mental changes in space and compare them to his twin brother who has remained on Earth. Mark Kelly is a retired astronaut. The tests are focused on measuring the impact of the zero gravity on cognitive and stress functions, the impact on the mood, vision, blood, cells, heart, bone density and the microbiome.

Despite spending so much time in space, Kelly has declared that he is well. However, he does look forward to returning home. During the interview, the cosmonaut also tackled other subjects, such as private space travel, his time on the International Space Station and the probability of a trip to Mars. In his opinion, such a trip is feasible, although there will be some challenges to consider such as the radiation environment located between our planet and Mars.

The fact that the atmosphere of Earth does not look very well is not exactly news, but Kelly has reminded us all about the carelessness of the human race with the surrounding environment and the planet itself.

Image Source: Wikipedia