Barrack Obama advises Hillary Clinton to be Herself!

Barrack Obama advises Hillary Clinton to be Herself!

President Barrack Obama offered a piece of advice to the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton before the first debate. This happened in an exclusive interview with ABC News’ show Good Morning America. Clinton is preparing to debate her opponent, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, in what will be the first in a series of three debates.

An advice from the president

The president told GMA co-anchor Robin Roberts that the best thing Hillary can do is to just be herself and people will love her. The interview was recorded at The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. He continued that over the years, he came to know and understand Hillary Clinton. He has seen her both in good times and in bad times and knows her reactions. Obama knows her work and he is sure that she chose to run for the presidential chair for all the right reasons. The president also mentions her desire and ambition. The fact that Clinton is extremely motivated to make America a better country.

You can see the Good Morning America exclusive interview on Friday. The interview also has a part dedicated to the First Lady, Michelle Obama. That will be interesting to see too.

Only good words

Obama not only encouraged Clinton, but he also expressed his feeling that she will be “an outstanding president”! In order to get there, she must use this debate not only to talk about politics, but to also touch on some different topics. She must tell the people what drove her to make this decision and what her ambitions are.

Barrack Obama thinks that the reason that America has never had a woman president is the fact that she would have needed to break down some barriers. This is exactly what Hillary Clinton is prepared to do. While it is true that some people do not trust her, the portrait that has been sketched for her is not who she really is, says Obama. According to him, Hillary Clinton deeply cares about children and wants to make the country better for them. A better education is need for this, and she wants to do that. All in all, Hillary wishes to make America a safer country and to ensure stability and support to working families.

Not only about politics

Hillary wants everyone to succeed. But Obama thinks that Clinton will be disappointed because he thinks that you cannot make everyone happy. Some people will inevitably hate you. But this is just the kind of person she is. Full of compassion and soul. The president thinks that what Hillary must do is to show people that despite all the barriers and obstacles that were put before her, she is still standing. Despite all in arrows that have been thrown at her, she is still here. That must mean something. She just keeps on going because she believes in what she can do. America must absolutely see that part of Hillary Clinton.

The first debate will take place on Monday, at Hofstra University on Long Island, New York.

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