First Images from the “ Beauty and the Beast ” live action Remake, Revealed

First Images from the “ Beauty and the Beast ” live action Remake, Revealed

Entertainment Weekly magazine revealed the first images from the live-action remake of the classic tale “ Beauty and the Beast ”. Emma Watson and Dan Stevens are the main protagonists, as Belle and the beast. It is impressive to say the least, how they managed the look of the beast to be so reminiscent of the 1991 classic.

The iconic costumes are back

On the cover of the magazine they can be seen dancing in the iconic ballroom, while Belle is dressed in the famous yellow gown. Beast is wearing his signature navy blue coat with golden embellishments. There is no sign of the actor behind the beast, which is a good thing. The magic of the movie is going to be complete this way.

An all-star distribution

People have said that the magazine included more new images inside, but they are still to be seen. The animated house objects scattered around the beast’s castle will be back too. They will be played by some very big names in the industry. Cogsworth will be played by Ian McKellan, Mrs. Potts by Emma Thompson, Lumiere by Ewan McGregor and Babette by Gugu Mbatha-Raw. This is some distribution.


But fans of the classic tale will have to adapt just a bit. This is because the producers made some changes, to make the movie more fit for the live-action treatment. For example, Babette, the feather duster is now a bird. It may seem bizarre at first, but we are talking about living house objects which are talking among them. So it may work.

But any good remake must have some kind of changes, you don’t want to watch a copy, right? New songs, new characters and these kinds of modified appearances. They are all part of a process of adaptation for the big screen and for the present times. Let’s not forget that the original ” Beauty and the Beast ” movie was released in 1991.

Belle is now an inventor

Emma Watson talked about her character and how she is slightly changed from the original one. Emma said that while Bella was a bookworm, there wasn’t other reason as to why she was considered an outsider. So the movie made some changes in that direction. According to Emma, Bella is now an inventor too. In the original tale, this was attributed to her father. One of her inventions which will tie into the story is a washing machine. She did not invent it to get away from doing laundry, but to use that time to read more books.

But this does not mean that her father, Maurice, will not be part of the story. He, played by Kevin Kline, has built many music boxes for Belle over the years. He did this to allow Belle to hear what the world sound like, outside their village and house. But she will soon find out that stories are not always like in her books, and behind ugly faces lie amazing stories. “ Beauty and the Beast ” will hit theaters everywhere on March 17, next year.

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