While in Berlin, Barack Obama talks Fake News and anti-Trump Protests

While in Berlin, Barack Obama talks Fake News and anti-Trump Protests

On Thursday, during his visit in Berlin, Germany, president Barack Obama addressed a few interesting subjects. This three-country visit (he was in Greece, now Germany and after this, Peru) marks his strongest set of statements since Donald Trump won the election.

His friend, Angela Merkel

Barack Obama talked about the current situation during a press conference in the German capital. Alongside him was German chancellor, Angela Merkel. She represents one of America’s most valued allies. They both deemed themselves as “veterans” of international politics. It was interesting to see that Angela Merkel became very emotional during the press conference and later admitted that she finds it very difficult to say goodbye to Obama.

The fake-news problem

Barack Obama took advantage of this conference to address the fake news issue that has been going around recently. He said that such reports must not exist and that their creators should suffer the consequences for threatening America’s democracy. It does not matter where they are posted, be it on Facebook, Twitter or even YouTube. They are reaching and misinforming millions of people all around the Globe. And this should not happen.

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, addressed the accusations that fake news on his website influenced the outcome of the election. Frankly, that they helped get Donald Trump elected as president. He said that this is not at all true and that fake news represent only 1 per cent of the content on Facebook. And, that those reports did not influence people’s opinion. Hillary Clinton’s supporters must have read them too, so why didn’t she win the election instead? Still, many people over at Facebook wondered if or how the social media platform influenced the opinions of voters. And if the website has such a big power over people.

A warning for Donald Trump

Barack Obama also warned Donald Trump that if he wants to succeed and to make America great again, he will need to take this president of the U.S job seriously. Also, to keep an eye on Russia and to be careful. To be straight and to say it out loud when a country’s ideas differ from America’s.

When asked about the anti-Trump protests going on in the U.S. tight now, Barack Obama said that people should have expected this to happen. Protesters are making their worries known to everyone, and he thinks that each one of them who has something to say should say it. Not in a violent way of course, but it does not do well to shut up. Moreover, Obama thinks that:

“I suspect there’s not a president in our history that hasn’t been subject to these protests.”

Numerous protests have erupted all over the country since Donald Trump’s election last Tuesday. Some of them have been peaceful and organized, but others have turned violent. And this is not a good thing. To have people being violent on the streets after choosing a new president means that somewhere there is something wrong with the country.

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