Bernie Sanders brings Giant Trump Tweet on Senate Floor

Bernie Sanders brings Giant Trump Tweet on Senate Floor

On Wednesday, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders went to the Senate Floor. He was one of many who argued against the Republican’s wish to repeal Barack Obama’s signature program, the Obamacare. However, Sanders was the only one who thought to bring with him a giant printout of one of president-elect Donald Trump’s tweets.

A tweet for everyone to see

Trump’s tweet is from May 2015. He posted it just before announcing that he would candidate for president of the United States. In the controversial message, Trump said that he was the only GOP candidate who vowed to not make any cuts from Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. He also stated back then that the former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee had only “copied” him and his idea.

So, the former Democratic presidential candidate used the tweet to show everyone what Trump said. One of his requests which he expressed in front of everyone was for Trump to respect his vow and veto anything that has to do with cutting from Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. If not, to at least admit that he lied in that 2015 tweet, the same way he did with many other of his messages which he did not admit tweeting. Sanders began his speech by saying:

Let me quote somebody who I suspect I will not often be quoting.

A solid and giant proof

He was talking about Trump’s tweet while the giant banner was put on display behind him. Sanders continued by saying that the president-elect did not just say this for no reason and that it was a turning point for his entire campaign. Also, that so many people actually voted for him in the hope that he would keep his word. Now that he has no way of denying that he ever said that (the way he did with so many other things), Trump should just prove to the people of America that he is a worthy president who does what he promises. Otherwise, things might go bad for him, especially because he already is a controversial and disputed president-elect.

Many photos of Bernie Sanders talking on the Senate Floor with the huge printout behind went viral. Some very inspired people began sharing them and transformed them into memes. Sanders’ idea quickly became some kind of Internet phenomenon, with dozens of new memes created every hour. Most of them were very funny because Twitter users replaced what was written on the print with their own jokes. Some of them mocked the traffic while others displayed very amusing animal charts. Sanders’ idea might prove to be brilliant, especially because it reached so many people. Now, there is no way he can deny ever saying that.

Bernie Sanders is going to make an appearance on Monday at the CNN town hall. He is expected to talk about the strategy of the Democratic party in dealing with the incoming Trump administration. Also, with and their ideas and plans for the future. Until then, let’s hope that Donald Trump will see the huge printout of his tweet and feel something inside him twitching.

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