The Worst Part About the Superbowl

The Worst Part About the Superbowl

Many agreed that this year’s Super Bowl was very entertaining, full of surprises and watched by millions, as usually. However, most people are now saying that it was maybe the weakest year in terms of interesting commercials. They lacked soul, vitality, fun and innovation. Some of the companies who were making the funniest commercials dropped out (Doritos and Butterfingers) so, the world did not laugh as much as they expected to. Other than that, nobody took any risk (with a few exceptions), especially amid so much controversy going on in the world right now.

One of the worst years

People were not happy with the lack of cute animals. Also, they said that there were too many very similar car commercials with celebrity appearances which seemed forced. The company Bai invited actor Christopher Walken into their spot to recite the lyrics to the ‘N Sync hit song “Bye Bye Bye”. Not many young viewers realized immediately what he was actually reciting. However, next to him was none other than Justin Timberlake, the former member of ‘N Sync.

Honda turned old photos of celebrities into yearbook shots. Some of the celebrities who appeared in the spot was Tina fey, Robert Redford, Missy Elliott, Stan Lee and Jimmy Kimmel. They offered advice to the audience while keeping their signature personas intact. People agreed that this was one of the most innovative commercials aired during Super Bowl halftime. T-Mobile also made fun of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie with comedian Kristen Schaal in their commercial.

The Budweiser controversy

The commercial from Budweiser caused a lot of controversy. Also, it immediately invaded the Internet. It shows immigrant and company co-founder Adolphus Busch in his journey from Germany to America. He is looking for a better life and it is interesting that it comes at such a time, with the travel ban and all the controversy around it. The story was actually true and they made it into a commercial. The vice-president of the company stated later that their beer is for everyone and that the commercial is not as political as people saw it.

Another commercial showed Jon Lovitz trying to make people eat more avocados because they have good fat. There is actually nothing special about this, apart from the fact that the avocados are coming from Mexico. Interesting situation, right? It was a commercial full of subliminal messages which got everyone talking. If you think about it, this is what a commercial must do. A hair-care company ran a commercial which made fun of president Donald Trump’s hair. Skittles was not at all inspired and Kia, Mercedes and Audi did the same, slightly identical car ads.

The company Coca-Cola ran an ad which was first made public in 2014. However, it was so important to run it again because it features people singing “America the Beautiful” in nine languages while showing different Americans. Their tagline “America the Beautiful” may be destined to make us reflect a little.

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