Better Health Tracking and Messaging for Pebble Smartwatch

A new update involving better health tracking and messaging for Pebble smartwatch has just been announced.

Soon users will receive better health tracking and messaging for Pebble smartwatch with the next update. The messaging functionality and the Pebble Health feature will both receive a major tweak on both Android and iOS devices.

After introducing Pebble Health last December, the company has just announced the future updates for the smartwatch. In order to receive the new v3.9 Pebble firmware you will first need to download the Pebble Time Android v3.9 or iPhone v3.6. With the new upgrade, Pebble Health tracking will become more accurate, but also show distances in kilometers. Furthermore, developers will be able to showcase data from Pebble Health in both watchfaces and applications with Health API.

Those who choose to use their Pebble smartwatch for messaging will be pleased to hear about the other perks of the new update. New MMS notifications will feature text and descriptive icons. Android users that have Time-series watches will receive the Send Text application which gives them the option of starting conversations by a flick of their wrist. Furthermore, those with Android devices will be able to reply to calls with SMS which can include a custom message, an emoji or a voice note. iPhone users will also send custom replies to the iOS messages they receive.

Other general updates include new transitions and animations for Pebble Time. Time Steel will also become faster and compatible with the Pebble Time Round experience. Furthermore, the low power mode which serves for keeping alive your smartwatch for a couple more hours when its battery is running low will have a new look.

Another useful change is for the low battery warnings that will tell exactly how much time your device has left before it remains without energy. This will definitely be more useful than a simple percentage. You will be able to change the characters to Cyrillic by selecting another language in the settings of your smartwatch. Lastly, your device will receive stability improvements and under-the-hood fixes.

It looks like this will be one big update for Pebble Time. If you do not have one but are interested in buying your own personal smartwatch you should know that you can choose between three colors: white, black and red. Pebble Time costs $199.99, while Pebble Time Steel and Pebble Time Round prices start at $249.99.

Since we will receive better health tracking and messaging for Pebble smartwatch, the brand is one step closer to battling the leaders of the industry.

Image Source: ars technica