Black Friday started earlier. Retailers expecting Everyone to spend more

Black Friday started earlier. Retailers expecting Everyone to spend more

It seems like retailers are changed the shopping traditions. Many shops sent clients their Black Friday advertisement as early as November 4. They started the sales on Wednesday. Which is one day before Thanksgiving and even one day earlier than last year. It looks like each year the Black Friday sales are starting earlier than before. We understand, it is in everybody’s favor, but shouldn’t Black Friday be just that? A Friday?

The Black Friday-mania

According to Market Track LLC, retailers sent their customers 15 per cent more emails this year in comparison with last year. And sent them earlier than last year too. However, it seems to have worked in the retailer’s favor. People spent $27.2 billion in this period of the month. This is a 4.3 per cent growth from last year. Moreover, it is expected that online spending for Thanksgiving will register a 16 per cent growth from last year. The main idea is that stores are predicted to have the biggest Black Friday sales in history. If you think that deals are gone in just 60 seconds, it all starts making sense.

Mobile shopping it is what may have driven traditional retailers to push the Black Friday sales earlier. In a race against competition and especially against online shopping, they have decided to make customers buy from them earlier. They did this in order to get away from the menacing shadow of online shopping. And here we are not talking about clothing stores or electronics. Even construction stores have begun their sales earlier this year. Even if Back Friday is not the biggest shopping day anymore (Super Saturday beats it, the Saturday before Christmas), it still remains extremely important for retailers. According to analysts, the biggest sales are for TVs, gaming consoles tablets and laptops.

More like Black Month

Long story short is that Black Friday is no longer a specific day of super reduced prices. It slowly turned into a black week, now it seems like it is a black month. Everyone tries to defeat their rivals and what a better way to do this than starting sales earlier than everyone? The problem is that too many retailers had this brilliant idea. So it is nothing special anymore. Let’s just hope it will stop before we end up with Black Friday somewhere in August. That would be too weird.

Bonding people

However, because they started sales earlier, many malls and shops will remain closed on Thanksgiving Day. According to analysts, it seems like people think that this year it is easier to find a job than it was last year. What changed? We are not certain, but people see to have noticed. And with jobs comes money, with money comes spending. There is a full circle. As for Donald Trump, there are some who believe that if he will stimulate the economy and lower taxes, things might just get even better for them. Guess what! More spending!

Still, for some, this is a good reason to spend Thanksgiving together, with their families. Eat turkey together, then shop together. They think it is fun. People are waiting in lines to buy things for more people, be it their friends or family.

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