A Black moon will rise on Friday Night

A Black moon will rise on Friday Night

Some time ago we had a super moon. Then a blood moon. Now it seems like we are about to witness a Black moon. Well, not really witness it, because scientists said that we will not see a thing on the sky. On Friday night we will have the rare phenomenon of a Black moon. But even the most passionate people won’t be able to observe it.

What it is

A black moon on a black sky equals nothing to see, really. A black moon is the second new moon if the month. Similar to how a blue moon is the second full moon of a month. Scientists explain that this black moon is a fairly rare phenomenon. Reportedly, they only happen about once every 32 months. The most recent one occurred on March 24, 2014.

The only problem is that it will be practically invisible. This happens because the side of the moon which is lit by the sun faces away from us on Earth, so the side that actually faces us is entirely covered in shadow. So there will be nothing to see.

The only thing that might get passionate people to watch the sky on Friday night is the moonless dark sky. The black moon will occur at 8:11 p.m. EDT (5:11 p.m. PDT). But until we will be able to observe the moon glowing and growing in size, we will have to wait a few more nights.

If you live in Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe, you will not be able to see the black moon until after midnight. So, in the Eastern Hemisphere the moon will be an absolutely normal new moon because it will happen on the first day of the next month.

Does the Black moon bring disasters?

British newspaper Express wrote about this phenomenon. They said that the black moon is likely to bring with it many natural disasters, worldwide destruction and even the second coming of Jesus. This seems a bit forced but all right, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Why would Jesus choose to come during a Black moon is beyond us. But if we were to listen to all the things people are saying every time such a phenomenon happens, we would probably end up not coming out of a closet.  So don’t worry! Nothing terrible is going to happen of Friday night, unless it has nothing to do with the moon.

Scientists are saying that the term Black moon can be used to describe a month which does not have either a full moon or a new moon. And because February has only 28 days, it is the only month in which this can happen. If we were to put the blame on someone for all these bizarre predictions, we would blame the social media. These phenomena have become events which people publicize through hashtags or other things. They are like shows or sport events now. So this moon-mania is most of the times just a way of attracting audience. Don’t get fooled. These have been occurring since the beginning of the world, so there’s nothing new to them.

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