Bomber kills 36 people at a Wedding in Syria

Bomber kills 36 people at a Wedding in Syria

An ISIS suicide bomber killed 36 people at a Kurdish wedding party in the northeast of Syria. Among the dead from Monday’s attack were eleven women and children. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also related that around other 80 people got injured and 16 of them suffered grave injuries.

How it happened

The explosion happened inside the wedding hall of village Tal Tawil. The village is located near Hasaka, a city now under the control of the Syrian Kurdish forces. Unfortunately, the groom was one of the people who got killed by the blast.

The Kurdish forces have a very important role in the fight against ISIS in both Syria and Iraq. As usual, ISIS admitted to orchestrating the attack on Twitter. The message was then retweeted many times by the ISIS supporters. According to this statement, an ISIS kamikaze managed to get into a Kurdish party which was happening in the village of Tal Tawil. He reportedly used a machine gun but ran out of bullets. When this happened, the bomber blew up his explosive vest, thus killing so many innocent people.

The U.S. no longer working with Russia

This attack happened right after the U.S announced that they are going to cease any collaboration with Russia regarding the war in Syria. It looks like the bloodbath is not stopping anytime soon. The U.S. accused Russia of attacking hospitals and medical facilities in Aleppo, along with their Syrian regime allies. The U.S. thinks that bombing civilians in order to make them submit to your requests is wrong. It also prevents humanitarian aid from reaching the people there who need it more than anyone.

The area around the al-Kindi Hospital is now under the control of the government forces. They are trying to push towards the east of the city, which is held by the rebels. Last week’s attacks were some of the worst since the start of this war in 2011. The assaults on the rebel held areas were of extreme violence which cannot exist. This kind of violence should be exterminated once and for all. Those innocent people do not have to die.

A broken country

On Sunday, the Syrian and Russian armies requested the rebels to leave the eastern area of the city. The two armies reportedly told the rebels that they would “ensure their safety”. Taking advantage of the country’s poor situation, terrorist groups including ISIS have started orchestrating their own attacks. Those will only result in more innocent victims.

All in all, all those attacks only show us the state that the world is in right now. The conflicts in Syria reflect the poor situation that we, as human beings, are in. Peace is no longer a reality, only an illusion. All those children who have been born in chaos will continue to live in it. For what purpose? The terrorist world is quickly expanding and all the world’s leaders should find a solution for this problem. Not break agreements when they are most needed. Maybe a day will come when kids will not have to play inside bomb craters. We are left to hope.

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