Britney Spears is safe following Twitter Death Hoax

Britney Spears is safe following Twitter Death Hoax

It seems like the fake-news scandal is far from over on the Internet. On Monday morning, numerous false claims appeared on Twitter which announced Britney Spears ‘s death in an accident. One of those accounts was that of Sony Music Global, which does not usually post such things.

Britney alive and well

It seems like the hacker group OurMine was the one who managed to enter the Sony account and post the messages. Moreover, Bob Dylan’s official and verified account was also hacked. A few minutes after the initial tweet which falsely reported Britney ‘s death, a similar message appeared on Dylan’s own account. This led everyone to believe that something strange was indeed happening. The hacker group OurMine is no stranger for the Internet. They have also been behind other recent hacks which targeted Marvel and Buzzfeed. However, the group claims that they are not hackers. Instead, they are only checking to see if various famous accounts are falling victims to hackers or not. Sony is also no stranger to hacks. Back in 2014, emails belonging to their top executives were stolen and publicly released by hackers. This really affected the company and sparked huge controversies.

However, a few hours after her fake death report on Twitter, Britney Spears herself posted some selfies on the micro-blogging platform. She looked happy and was making goofy faces, so fans immediately calmed down, knowing that their favorite pop star was safe. Immediately after she posted the photos, her manager also confirmed that the singer was very well and told fans that they should not worry because it was all a hoax. He also said that it all probably happened because of a hack. As for Sony Music’s Global Head of Communications, she refused to make any comments regarding the problem.

A series of unfortunate events

However, it is normal for fans to become scared because this Britney death hoax comes after a series of very sad news in the entertainment industry. Firstly, news broke out that on Christmas Day, music legend George Michael died in his home in the United Kingdom. He reportedly suffered a heart failure and was only 53 years-old when he sadly passed away. Moreover, on Friday, popular “Star Wars” actress Carrie Fisher, who played the iconic role of Princess Leia, reportedly suffered a “massive” heart attack on a plane. For a few hours, news outlets even announced the news of her death. Fortunately, they were not true. The mother of the actress, Debbie Reynolds, made the announcement that she was now stable, thanks to some very dedicated doctors.

All in all, it seems like the year is ending on a sad note. A year full of unexpected conclusions, sad events and tragedies, all around the world. Some are saying that 2016 was maybe the most eventful year in recent history. Others that it was just very unlucky. With only a few days left of it, everyone should be happy, enjoy it while it lasts and look to the future with hope. At the end of the day, hope is all each one of us has.

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