Singer Bruno Mars says that Adele has a “Diva Attitude”

Singer Bruno Mars says that Adele has a “Diva Attitude”

Yesterday, famous singer Bruno Mars stopped by the popular morning show, Cubby and Carolina in the Morning. He talked about his new album, “24k Magic”, as well as about everyone’s favorite singer, Adele. He revealed how it was working with her. Adele is currently on tour with her “Adele Live 2016” concert.

How was it working with Adele?

Bruno Mars has worked with Adele on one of her songs called “All I ask”, which is included in her very successful album, 25. And he deemed the experience as “incredible”. He said that her voice makes water vibrate, like that scene in the Jurassic Park movies. Mars explained that this was happening while she was in the booth recording and that he does not exaggerate one bit. This is unsurprising, one would say. Her huge success must come from something, and everybody knows what an amazing voice Adele has.

A diva attitude

But Bruno also revealed another interesting aspect of the “Hello” singer. He said that at first, things got a little bit complicated. He described Adele as having a “diva attitude”. When she does not like something she says is out loud and expects people around her to change something in order to please her. But the “Uptown funk” singer added that as soon as they started hitting some chords that she likes, things got easier and music came naturally. There was chemistry. So he was not affected by her attitude at all, and he has not criticized her for it.

Bruno Mars wants to collaborate with Adele again

Still, the diva attitude does not stop Bruno from wanting to collaborate with Adele again. And he also wishes for them to be able to perform their song live someday. Every amazing artist has his issues and his temperament, but they are part of who he is. Bruno Mars did not say anything about him joining Adele on her tour, but it may happen soon. We will see.

When asked with who else he would like to have a collaboration, Bruno said that any artists who wished to join him is welcome. But his preferences include Beyonce, Rihanna and Britney Spears. Earlier this month, Bruno Mars released his new album “24k Magic”. For now, people can listen to it on digital and streaming services. The CD version of the album is expected to hit musical stores on November 18 and fans everywhere are eager to buy it. After all, each of Bruno Mars’ albums has been an amazing success with the fans. This one will not be different.

Adele’s tour is a massive success

Adele is also doing great with her tour, which arrived at Number 1 on Billboard’s Hot Tours chart. The chart was made after counting all the tickets sold in the first week of October. Reportedly, her tour has already made $150 million. Her tour is expected to reach 107 performances in November. Her show can be seen by people from both Europe and North America.

A stop in her touring schedule will include Mexico City and Phoenix, on November 21, when she will officially wrap the “Adele Live 2016” tour.

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