Canoe Accident Results in Four Deaths on Wisconsin Lake


Two bodies have been found while the other two are still missing

Canoe accident results in four deaths on Wisconsin lake on Sunday morning. The four men left a friend’s house on early Sunday morning after a night of partying without telling anybody else and they never came back.

According to the investigation’s spokesman Jason Roberts, all of the men were very young, between 20 and 23 years old, they were from Illinois and two of them have recently graduated the Winnetka high school New Trier. Their names have not been released yet as the investigation goes on.

Superintendent Linda Yonke of the New Trier District says that the families have contacted the school but was still not sure if the names they had were accurate.

The four were part of a larger group visiting a friend’s house on Lake Beulah 35 miles from Milwaukee. After a night of partying and consuming alcohol, at about 3 a.m. they told some friends they were going out to smoke but they never came back.

Their friends discovered they were not in the house on Sunday morning around 9 a.m. They figured out what has happened after they found traces leading to the boathouse from which a 14-foot canoe was missing. The canoe was designed for only three persons.

The friends went looking for the four on the lake but they could only see the overturned canoe. Investigators say that they haven’t found any evidence that the four friends took life jackets when they left with the canoe. They were not at all properly equipped for paddling in cold water.

After a few hours of searches two bodies were found in the area of the overturned canoe where the water was 8 to 12 feet deep. According to the investigators in the same area they could see signs of broken ice.

At the end of the day only two bodies were recovered from the lake while the other two men were declared missing. The search had to be interrupted for the night but investigators say it is going to resume on Monday Morning.

The young men have lost their lives as a result of some very poor decisions triggered by alcohol consumption. Their fate could have been different if they would have thought of taking some floating devices with them or if they told their friends what they intended to do. The fact that they didn’t shows that it was a spontaneous irresponsible decision.

Image source: pixabay