Capitol Hill Republicans Stand By Trump despite Mounting Pressure

Capitol Hill Republicans Stand By Trump despite Mounting Pressure

Capitol Hill Republicans are defending the commander in chief despite the tidal wave of scandals that has hit the White House in recent days. Trump is under fire for suddenly firing FBI Director James Comey, over reports that he fired Comey to ease the pressure of the investigation into his campaign associates, and over news that he accidentally leaked highly classified info to top Russian officials.

With just a few Republican leaders asking some form of oversight of the president, and two GOP congressmen calling for impeachment, the rest of Capitol Hill Republicans are standing by their leader.

However, the arguments they chose to absolve the president of charges that he pressured the former FBI chief to drop the probe into Michael Flynn are very varied.

Trump Told a Joke to Comey but Not Everyone Got It

Some lawmakers believe Trump was joking when he urged Comey to halt the investigation. Rep. James Comer (R-KY) said he has been around the president a lot on Air Force One and Trump tells many jokes. Comer added that because the Comey joke was written on paper, not everybody got it.

Comer also said that this happened before to Trump. The media reported that Trump threatened to unseat Republican Rep. Mark Meadows because he refused to vote for the GOP healthcare overhaul. But in reality, the whole room “was laughing” when Trump made the ‘threat.’

Comer pointed out that Trump is far from being a “polished politican,” so, people should not expect of him to speak in “talking points.”

He’s a normal person, and that’s why he won the election,

the Republican said.

Comer added that America is tired of political speak and politicians. It needs a leader who doesn’t measure his every single word.

Trump May be Victim of Conspiracy

Other Republican lawmakers believe the recent scandals are part of a conspiracy to oust the president. Rep. Louie Gohmert thinks the puppeteers behind the said conspiracy have an agenda of keeping the White House and Congress divided so they can’t work together on any significant legislative effort.

Gohmert said that the recent bombshell report about Comey’s memo is very similar to the progressives’ ‘tactics’.

Rep. Robert Aderholt refused to say who is undermining the president, but he added that a “lot of people” want Trump to be not focused on the job. Aderholt is one of the lawmakers that don’t see the need of a special prosecutor or another Comey testimony before Congress. House Speaker Paul Ryan confirmed yesterday there are “some people” that seek to ‘harm’ the POTUS.

Other lawmakers accused the former FBI chief of having a secret “agenda”. Ryan and other Republicans point the finger at Comey, who might have many more memos about his communications with the president. Ryan was curious to learn why the lawman didn’t take action when things documented in his memos were happening.

Rep. Barry Loudermilk also questioned the timing of Comey releasing to the press damaging info on the president.

White House Scandals Not a Big Deal

Other Republicans think that the recent scandals are either not a big deal, or dumpster fires, as one White House staffer recently called them. Loudermilk who also thinks the media reports are overblown thinks that if a scandal cannot take down Trump, something else will surely come up. But if that attempt also fails, “everybody will go back to ‘he needs to release his tax records.’”
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