“Celebrity Apprentice” ratings drop with Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Celebrity Apprentice” ratings drop with Arnold Schwarzenegger

The newly remade version of the TV show “Celebrity Apprentice” had a rather slow start. It endured a lot of changes, the biggest one being the replacement of the president-elect Donald Trump with former actor and California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Apart from this major change, the show is not taking place in New York anymore, but in Los Angeles and the phrase “You’re fired!” has become “You’re terminated!” from the former actor’s famous movie series “Terminator”.

A drop in the ratings

NBC’s premiere of the show went on for two hours. It delivered 4.9 million viewers and a drop of 44 per cent compared to the show’s premiere in 2015. This time, it was on a Monday night, while the one in 2015 was on a Sunday. The show had some competition but still, the drop is extremely significant for such a hyped series. It really seems to miss Donald Trump’s persona. Schwarzenegger is a nice person but he lacks what the president-elect had. Or it may be because people got so used to Trump being the boss that they cannot get over the fact that he is one no longer.

It was interesting that Trump’s name never appeared on top of the screen during the show’s opening credits, as it is the case with executive producers. Only the name of the creator, Mark Burnett, appeared. He was actually the man who had the brilliant idea of bringing Donald Trump on board for “The Apprentice”. However, the fact that Trump’s name was nowhere to be found might mean that even if the show somehow became his trademark, it was never his own. Apart from this, Trump was fierce, enjoyed firing people and was expansive and rude at times. And that made “The Apprentice” such a big success. That is not the case with Schwarzenegger.

You’re terminated!

The former governor of California does not have that something to attract people. Or so it seems. He is an actor, but he does not seem to have found a balance between acting and being believable. At times, his lines seem rehearsed and robotic. However, Arnold Schwarzenegger appears to be the logical choice for a replacement for Trump. They both had kind of similar trajectories. Unfortunately, they do not have similar appeal to the public.

During the premiere, Arnold unveiled his two advisers. One of them is former supermodel Tyra Banks and the other, his nephew, Patrick Schwarzenegger. This might have been a nod to the Trump era, when his advisers were part of the family, his older children. Still, Trump’s children were business persons while Patrick, not so much.

All in all, “Celebrity Apprentice” seems to have lost its charm and attractiveness. It will be interesting to see where it will go from here, considering the poor ratings. Also, if the producers will keep Schwarzenegger as the boss for future seasons or replace him with somebody else. Maybe it was all because of the strong competition on Monday night and the rest of the season will be more successful. Maybe not. Who knows? We certainly do not.

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