Charlie Sheen’s Doctor Claims to Cure HIV With Goat Milk

Charlie Sheen's doctor claims to cure HIV with goat milk, or at least hide it for a period of time.

Charlie Sheen’s doctor claims to cure HIV with goat milk as he boldly stated on the ‘’Real Time’’ show. Samir Chachoua has absolutely no doubt about his revolutionary discovery and told Bill Maher that he even injected himself with the infected blood of Charlie Sheen, after which he managed to cure himself with the previously mentioned goat milk.

However, his theory is not as simple as it might sound. Apparently, the milk has to come from diseased goats which are suffering from CAEV, otherwise known as the Caprine Encephalitis and Arthritis Virus. This virus shares the same retroviridae family with the HIV. The unlucky goats who are infected with it are known to suffer weight loss, arthritis, mastitis, pneumonia and encephalitis.

Dr. Chachoua strongly believes that is these two related viruses meet they can annihilate each other. The doctor has declared that he has cured not only himself, but also entire countries from the deadly disease. All is well but for one thing: Charlie Sheen is still HIV positive.

The star was present at a Dr. Oz show where he stated that the medication he took had some terrible side effects including diarrhea and migraines, and thus he sought help from alternative medicine. However, upon closer inspection we might understand the source of Sheen’s distress, such as Dr. Chachoua willingness to treat the actor in Mexico, and not the United States. The reason behind this is that the doctor does not have a license for practicing medicine in the U.S.

In spite of these bizarre declarations, there is one thing worth paying attention to: right after Sheen stopped taking the diseased goat milk, he apparently reached a stage where the AIDS could not be detected. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks later the HIV numbers went up once more. The only conclusion is that the milk manages to hide the disease for a bit, but not destroy it.

Dr. Chachoua continued to declare that if Sheen would have continued his treatment he would have been cured by now. However, he would have had to keep drinking the milk for the rest of his life.

Charlie Sheen’s doctor claims to cure HIV with goat milk, but he also believes that thanks to him the actor is truly the first man in history who went HIV negative. You can’t argue with that.

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