China condemns Trump‘s Frequent Use of Twitter

China condemns Trump‘s Frequent Use of Twitter

In a commentary which Chinese news agency Xinhua published, China harshly criticizes president-elect Donald Trump ‘s frequent use of Twitter. Xinhua is the biggest state-run agency of the country and they reacted as a follow-up of Trump ‘s many comments about China on Twitter. According to them, Trump has a “habit” of posting on Twitter and he cannot let go of it.

An “undesirable” obsession

The news agency called Trump ‘s obsession with Twitter “undesirable”. They also stated that you cannot, as the president of the United States, run diplomacy on Twitter. Moreover, they talked about the president-elect’s businesses and how he mingles them with his presidential ones. A president should not run his country on Twitter. Donald Trump ‘s habit of posting important and often controversial messages on the micro blogging platform has long been a subject of discussion for many.

However, it seems like the president-elect does not really care about what China thinks about his behavior. On Monday, he posted yet another message in which he attacked China. He stated that even if the country benefits from huge sums of money from the U.S., they refuse to help their neighbors, North Korea. This is only one of those messages in which he mentioned China. Another controversial one was when he announced that the president of Taiwan called him to congratulate him on his victory. This raised serious concerns because Trump had some unexpected ideas. He was not sure whether or not the U.S. should still think of Taiwan as part of “One-China”.

Attacks after attacks

However, if you think that Trump only attacked China in his tweets, you are very wrong! He also talked about how intelligence agencies delayed his briefing because they did not have enough evidence for a strong case. He also had some things to say about Obamacare, the health insurance policy implemented by Barack Obama. Moreover, Trump mentioned in another tweet that Jackie Evancho’s album sales grew a lot after she announced that she would perform at his inauguration. So, he talks about all sorts of things on Twitter. Yet, he did not invite Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to his meeting with the main tech players from Silicon Valley. Some are saying that the reason for that was Dorsey’s refusal to introduce a “crooked-Hillary” emoji.

Still, the president-elect has said on various occasions that after he would officially become president of the U.S., he would slow down his activity on Twitter. It is interesting that we are getting close to the moment. Still, he does not seem to want to stop at all. On the contrary, he posts more often than ever. Could this be a sign that he wants to say everything now, while he is not yet president, so that he can shut up when he will be? Possible, but highly unlikely.

All in all, we will have to wait and see if this will truly be the case. Or, if Trump will go on with his abundance of controversial Twitter posts even when he will officially become president of the U.S.

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