China Has Reached Incredible Cancer Rates

China has reached incredible cancer rates, as the latest study on the matter has shown.

It seems China has reached incredible cancer rates, as 7,500 people die each day from the deadly disease. The most common types of cancer are liver, esophageal, stomach and lung and out of the 4.3 million people that were diagnosed last year 2.8 million have died. Out of the total deaths provoked by cancer worldwide, China accounts for an astonishing 27%. However, it is worthy to mention that China is also the most populated country in the world.

The numbers are the result of a study conducted by researchers from University of Sydney, National Cancer Center in Beijing and the American Cancer Society. Apart from the grim numbers listed above, it seems the cancer rate is only going to grow in the future.

The researchers gathered data from 72 registries regarding cancer death rates in China. The top type of cancer that is decimating the Chinese population turned out to be the one affecting the lungs. Apart from smoking, a bad habit that increases the chance of developing the disease, the main reason for the numbers is the level of pollution and smog, especially in larger cities from the country.

Dr. Wanqing Chen, who led the research study, has stated that cancer is the main cause of death since 2010 in China. This major health problem is accountable for 22% Chinese diagnoses of cancer and 27% deaths of cancer on a worldwide scale. Out of these, 57% cancer cases in the country affect the stomach, liver, lung and esophagus, and are caused by both indoor and outdoor pollution. The Chinese population is thus exposed to different environmental carcinogens.

These figures are worsened by the unhealthy lives many Chinese lead, which exclude regular exercise and healthy diets. However, the researchers also took a look at the survival rates. Apparently, about 36.5% patients who were diagnosed last year will survive for the next five years. Men have a rate of 29.3%, while women have greater chances of surviving with 47.3%. However, the information on this matter is little, having been produced from only 22 clinics.

Even though China has reached incredible cancer rates, and the whole world is starting to get worried about its pollution rates, the mortality of the population seems to have declined lately. The rates have dropped to 21.1% for women and 21.4% for men. However, the situation still looks quite grim, both for the people and the environment. The world must take steps towards green cities sustained by natural energy.

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