China Backs Down as Trump’s Agenda Plows Forward

China Backs Down as Trump’s Agenda Plows Forward

On Wednesday, Li Keqiang, the premier of China, said during his annual news conference that his country does not wish for a trade war with the United States. Moreover, he called for a return to talks in order to establish a common ground and reduce tensions. Li stated that even if the road is sometimes difficult, nothing should damage the relationship between the two countries and talking usually solves issues. As for the problems that cannot be solved at the moment, they should be kept on hold, not ignored or disputed.

A trade war would not solve anything

The Chinese premier has apparently taken the first step towards a more peaceful relationship between the two nations. This happens right ahead of the meeting between United States president Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping. According to some media reports, they have a meeting scheduled for next month, in Florida.

As for the North Korean situation, during the same conference, Li also stated that China strongly supports the United Nations resolutions. He said that his country also wants to see North Korea end its nuclear programs and reportedly accepted that fact that Pyongyang should receive some economic sanctions. However, he called for peaceful discussions between all the parties because a conflict would not help anyone at this point. It is common knowledge that China and North Korea are strong diplomatic allies and economic partners. So, because of this, the United States has been pressuring China to intervene and convince North Korea about its wrong doings, especially concerning their nuclear tests and programs.

A call for peace

United States president Donald Trump criticized China numerous times during his presidential campaign. He said that the Chinese invented the climate change and called the country a “currency manipulator”. Apart from that, he threatened to set huge tariffs on goods coming from China. So far, he has not put into practice any of those ideas. Maybe this is exactly why the Chinese premier decided to speak up and call for peaceful discussions.

The United States president also insulted China right at the beginning of his mandate by talking on the phone with Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen. After that, he stated that the US might not take into account the “one China” policy. That statement made the Asian giant very angry. This “one China” policy states that there is only one Chinese country and Taiwan is part of it. However, later, during another phone call with the Chinese President Xi Jinping, Trump agreed to honor this policy. That was an effort to diminish the escalating tensions between the two great powers. Now, the Chinese premier also said that things are going well and that the “one China” policy is “unshaken”.

At the end of the conference, Li stated that China is aware of the growing danger coming from North Korea. He did not say if the nation is going to do something about this issue. Still, he called “common sense” the fact that no country wants to be under constant threat, especially when it comes to a neighbor.

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