China  – United States Relations to face Uncertainties

China – United States Relations to face Uncertainties

China ‘s Foreign Minister recently said that the relations between his country and the United States may face uncertainties. However, he added that with mutual respect between the two nations, they will find a way to collaborate and maintain peace. He referred to president-elect Donald Trump as “one individual” who will not able to break these ties.

A controversial call

The instability between China and the United States has grown after president-elect Donald Trump received a call from the president of Taiwan, Tsai-Ing Wen. Following their discussion, the Beijing started worrying about a potential ignorance from Trump regarding the “One China” policy. This policy states that Taiwan is an integrant part of China. It can also be obtained by force if the situation calls for it. Even if Chinese president Xi Jinping spoke with the president-elect soon after he won the election and congratulated him, the ties between the two nations were still affected by the call from Taiwan.

What China fears is the fact that Trump might want to change the aforementioned “One China” policy by helping Taiwan become a self-ruling country. Also, he wishes to impose some taxes on the imports coming from China. This would destabilize the China-Taiwan relations greatly, especially because the source would be a foreign leader, in that case.

A future full of uncertainties

On Thursday, in an interview for People’s Daily, the Chinese Foreign Minister said that we should take into account that the Chinese president called Trump to congratulate him for his victory in the United States presidential election. This was an important step towards a calm and peaceful relation between their nations. However, he added that this relation is sure to be facing some uncertainties in the future. He even cited a famous Chinese poem which says that every river has to travel a difficult course in order to reach its wished destination. It may be the equivalent for the saying “a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”.

Moreover, the Foreign Minister said that “one individual”, who may be Trump himself, cannot stop the course of history. Also, that the U.S.-China relations have been great long before his arrival. Still, he asked for mutual respect and cooperation between the nations. Only like this they will reach a mutual interest. The Minister added that one of his country’s main aims next year is to stabilize these ties with the Trump administration. What he said resembles a warning that China ‘s policy is not subject of negotiation with anyone.

However, there may be more reasons for worries for both nations. The South China Sea, which is a very controversial area, might be an issue. This week, China gave back an underwater drone belonging to the U.S., after one of their naval vessels captured it in the South China Sea last week. After the incident, Donald Trump quickly came forward and accused China of trying to steal the drone. It seems like that was not the case, but as usual, the president-elect is quick to judge and make statements. They are not always true.

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