Choose Your Own Adventure in Fallout: New Vegas on YouTube

A new version of Fallout: New Vegas has been released on YouTube, and this time you can see how the storyline would have gone if you would have made different choices in the game. The videos are based on a concept that was quite popular many years ago: Choose your own story.

Back in the time, the concept was well-known from the Goosebumps book series, which allowed readers to make personal choices and thus influence the outcome of the stories. For instance, there would be fragments where readers were asked what would they do if put in the characters’ situation, after which they were offered alternate options of developing the action.

Even if this would not allow a great variety of possibilities, the concept was still way more fun than following a story that was already set up without having the opportunity of getting involved. The concept became extremely popular, and thus raised the fame of both the books and the subsequent TV show.

And this leads us today to Fallout 3. A creative YouTuber was inspired by the “choose your own story” concept of the past and thus decided to show his viewers the other paths they could have taken in the game. Named, “Many A True Nerd”, the channel released a series of interactive videos that depict the story of Fallout: New Vegas, the third installment of the franchise. Should you wish to take a look, you can do so from your desktop Internet browser or a tablet.

While it cannot compare with playing the actual game, the videos do immerse their viewers in both the action and the narrative of the game. Apart from being useful for those who have already finished the game but would like to know the other outcomes without having to replay Fallout 3, they can also come in handy for those who do not have high-tech computers or who simply do not wish to buy the game.

The method can also be considered valuable for advertising. By seeing bits and pieces of this gameplay, viewers might be tempted to get the game themselves and give it a go. The videos are short, and they require you to turn on annotations so you can make decisions. The series can be found on the “Many A True Nerd” channel on YouTube, but you can also access the first part at the beginning of this article.