CIA Director Slams ‘Fake News’ Wall Street Journal Report

CIA Director Slams ‘Fake News’ Wall Street Journal Report

On Thursday, CIA director Mike Pompeo denied some recent rumors which were saying that the agency is keeping information from president Donald Trump. Pompeo stated that the spy community is actually providing the commander in chief with the best and most recent information. This is their job and to not do that would mean to put the country’s national security at great risk. In the official statement, which the CIA director released, it was stated that nobody is aware of any instance in which the CIA hid any information from the president of the United States. This statement might also calm down recent speculations according to which the spy agency is in conflict with Donald Trump.

The president knows everything

Also on Thursday, the Trump administration reportedly asked a private equity executive from New York to be in charge of a review of the intelligence community in the United States. His name is Stephen Feinberg and he is the co-founder of Cerberus Capital Management. The same source said that Feinberg‘s job will be to help improve the efficiency of the community. For this, he will be providing researched recommendations. Moreover, he will also need to make sure that the coordination between multiple intelligence agencies will be the best possible.

However, President Trump later said during his news conference that another person may not be needed. Pompeo, FBI Director James Comey and Dan Coats (his nominee for director of national intelligence, still unconfirmed) are the ones who can handle this problem. Democrats complained about the fact that Feinberg might intervene in the intelligence community. The reason their are complaining is because his company, Cerberus Capital Management, has deep roots in the Republican party. Also, he was one of Trump’s economic advisers during his presidential campaign.

Persistent complaints

Many officials from the administration complained that president Trump has begun placing his men in key positions. Usually, intelligence agencies handle those. He may want to extend his reach and influence, but this situation is not normal at all. For example, the head of the new Strategic Initiatives Group is Steve Bannon. Bannon is none other than the White House’s chief strategist. This group also includes a unit which deals with counterterrorism and is run by Sebastian Gorka. The issue here is that some officials have complained that Gorka does not have the appropriate clearance to be in this position.

Still, it looks like the CIA had been briefing president Donald Trump every day. The president is also part of a common process of receiving these briefings. He also received the most important information daily and is aware of everything that is going on. Such reports claiming that this is not true are nothing else but defamatory. They also affect the job of the intelligence agencies. All in all, it seems like the president does not have a conflict with the intelligence agencies. 

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