Are Companies Choosing Profits Over US Safety? Fortune 500’s Face-off With Trump

Are Companies Choosing Profits Over US Safety? Fortune 500’s Face-off With Trump

Since President Trump signed the “Travel Ban” executive order numerous companies have spoken out against the ban. In a statement released during an interview with the Wall Street Journal the CEO of Apple Tim Cook said:

“More than any country in the world, this country is strong because of our immigrant background and our capacity and ability as people to welcome people from all kinds of backgrounds. That’s what makes us special. We ought to pause and really think deeply through that.”

Here is a list of Fortune 500 companies that have spoken out against the ban:

Goldman Sachs
JPMorgan Chase
Procter & Gamble

Earlier this week Starbucks announced that it will hire 10,000 refugees in the 75 countries where Starbucks operates.

“To make its views not only known, but felt, Google created a $4 million crisis fund for those affected by the ban, pledging $2 million that can be matched by up to $2 million from employees to fund organizations such as the ACLU and the International Rescue Committee.”

Also to be noted is Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos’ assertion that Amazon is prepared to support a lawsuit against Trump and his administration over the order, while Twitter’s Jack Dorsey released a short film about Syrian refugee and entrepreneur Yassin Tehrou.

Of all the companies involved, I’m sure their profits have nothing to do with them being vocal about the ban. I’m sure there foreign investors or countries they are trying to do business with never contacted them. Professor Ronald Hill, a from the marketing and business law at Villanova school of Business put it best:

“A lot of organizations that have and will come out against [Trump’s ban] are global firms that need support in other parts of the world,” said Ronald Hill, a professor of marketing and business law at Villanova School of Business. “I wouldn’t be surprised if global firms coming out against it do business in areas such as Western Europe that have high Muslim populations. You have to think from a global and not just a local perspective.”

It is ok for companies to worry about their profits and do everything they can to make money; it’s why they exist. I also understand if these companies are sticking up for their employees because they are having trouble moving back and forth via airlines. However, the ban is temporary. If this ban was indefinite or a new procedure was not taking its place, the outrage would be understandable. Now if the new procedure violates our laws then sue away and go after the administration. But, my guess is this purely a reflex response and in six months won’t even be news. President Trump has shown over the past week he does what he promised during his campaign, which scares a lot of people. Making “America Great Again” could hurt companies that do business internationally, and they aren’t going down without a fight.

Source: NBC News