The Nominees for Critics’ Choice Awards are in

The Nominees for Critics’ Choice Awards are in

The nominees for Critics’ Choice Awards are in. The show will take place on December 11, live on A&E. These awards are annually given by the biggest film critics’ organization in the United States and Canada. They are honoring the achievements in the cinematic and television branches. Many consider them to be the best indicator for the Academy Awards nominations, each year.

Superheroes are main attractions

The superhero movies have started growing in popularity over the last few years. Now, it seems like the actors portraying them are getting the recognition they deserve. Among the actresses who have received nominations are Gal Gadot, for her work as “Wonder Woman” and Margot Robbie, for her portrayal of Harley Quinn, in “Suicide Squad”. Scarlet Johansson for her role in “Captain America: Civil War” and Tilda Swinton for her part as the Ancient One in “Doctor Strange” complete this year’s Best Actress in an Action Movie category.

Superheroes also fill the Best Actor in an Action Movie category. From Chris Evans as Captain America, to Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange. Moreover, the superhero movies in which these actors played their parts are also nominated in the Best Action Movie of 2016 category. “Jason Bourne” and “Hacksaw Ridge” are also up for the Best Action Movie award.

Best indicator for the Oscars

As for the other categories, there are both nominees which people expected as well as some which came as a surprise. For the Best Picture award, the nominees include ‘Arrival”, “Fences” (not out yet, but Denzel Washington also got a Best Actor nomination for it), “Hell or High Water”, “Manchester by the sea” and “Lion”. “La La Land” is the one leading the nominations, with 12. In the Best Actor category there are a few interesting names including Casey Affleck (in its first ever movie), Joel Edgerton, Ryan Gosling and Tom Hanks. Also nominated is Andrew Garfield for “Hacksaw Ridge”. Moreover, the war movie actually has quite a few nominations. This is interesting to say the least, considering the fact that Mel Gibson directed it. The always controversial Mel Gibson.

Expectation versus surprise

The Best Actress category holds quite a variation of names: from Natalie Portman in” Jackie”, Amy Adams, Annette Benning and Emma Stone to Ruth Negga, who is quite a new face, for the movie “Loving”. The Best Supporting Actor and Actress categories are displaying names like Dev Patel and Jeff Bridges and Vila Davis and Michelle Williams.

Mel Gibson was nominated in the Best Director category this year for his war movie. Many people complained about the excessive use of gore in it, including close ups of rats eating flesh. Unnecessary, in the opinion of many. Still, people do not consider Gibson a very subtle person. Just watch “Passion of the Christ” and “Apocalypto”. Still, it seems like the critics are trusting and encouraging him. And it would not be a surprise to see him win. It would not be surprising to see him win it at the Academy Awards too.

All in all, this year’s Critics’ Choice Awards are displaying a wide variety of names and movies, for both the mainstream audience and the critics. We will see who the winners are on December 11.

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