Critics not Happy with Video Game Movie “ Assassin’s Creed “

Critics not Happy with Video Game Movie “ Assassin’s Creed “

The highly anticipated video game movie “ Assassin’s Creed “ will hit theaters everywhere on December 21. Most video game enthusiast are seeing it as the movie to finally put aside the myth of bad video game movies. The trailers, the cast and the story point in that direction. However, if we were to believe the latest reviews from critics, we might have to wait a little bit longer for that revelation. “ Assassin’s Creed “ is not it.

The creed of the assassins

The movie directed by Justin Kurzel follows criminal Callum Lynch (played by Michael Fassbender) whose life will soon be taken by executioners. However, the Templar Knights somehow find out about his ancestry which is very unusual. He comes from a long line of Assassins. So, in order for them to use Lynch for their own mission, they decide to fake his death. The mission of the Templars includes, among other mythological things, the apple from the Garden of Eden which, according to legends, can offer the owner “the key to free will itself”.

So, instead of being killed, he is transported to a lab in Madrid and tied to a bizarre time machine called the Animus. By entering it, Cal is able to relive the adventures of one of his ancestors named Aguilar and complete his search for the fabled apple.

What the critics are saying

The cast of the movie is full of big names including Marion Cotillard and Jeremy Irons, who are playing two scientists. At one point, they even seem to be getting jealous of the main character. They are most probably just following the script. This is why they spend the majority of the movie just standing there, sometimes looking completely uncomfortable and lost.

As for the opinions of the critics, the majority of them agree that “ Assassin’s Creed “ has its very well executed parts, especially the atmosphere of the 1492’s Spain, as well as the environment and buildings. However, many have said that even if the movie wishes to be the best video game one ever made, it only succeeds partially. It is full of silly moments and recycled material. Also, its entire plot is not exactly the most well written. It has plot holes and omissions but in the end, somehow, they make it work.

Fassbender, the producer

 “ Assassin’s Creed “ marks the first movie where Michael Fassbender is also a producer. However, sometimes it seems like he decided to play the easiest role. On many occasions, he does not seem to have anything to play actually. Callum does not offer the impression that he is a difficult character to portray. Some critics even warned the fans of the video game saga that they are in for a disappointment. The games amazed everyone with their historic accuracies and different plot. Interestingly enough, 1492’s Spain was never among the locations of the video games. The main character is also written just for the movie. In the game, someone else entered the Animus and relived entirely different adventures.

All in all, it is worth seeing if you are not necessarily connecting the movie to the video game series. You can enjoy it purely as a historical tale. Still, if you are looking for accuracy or the movie to revive the genre, do not bother.

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