Crowd boos Donald Trump at an annual Catholic Dinner

Crowd boos Donald Trump at an annual Catholic Dinner

On Thursday night, an annual fundraiser Catholic dinner gathering turned into some kind of a presidential debate. Both nominees, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, were invited to take part. And things were going well until the Republican candidate decided to speak in front of everyone present there. And not just speak, but accuse Clinton of hating Catholic people. He also called her “corrupt” at one point.

A different fundraiser event

The annual Alfred E. Smith gala is a fundraiser destined for Catholic charities. The event took place in the ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria hotel, in Manhattan. The gala is known for encouraging light-hearted political jokes and to promote a relaxing atmosphere. But Republican candidate Donald Trump did not seem to get the memo. He was seated just one chair away from Hillary Clinton.

But he felt like there was too quiet around so he started talking and soon turned the gala into a presidential competition which started to resemble a fourth, surprise debate. Trump accused Clinton of profiting from her foundation’s charity work in Haiti. Also, that she actually hates Catholics with a passion. This was the moment when the crowd started booing him and people were shouting at him to stop. But of course he did not stop. Trump started reminding everyone about Wednesday’s presidential debate and how analysts called it “the most vicious debate in history”. At one point, he even wondered if they, as candidates, should be proud or sad about this.

GOP operative Ed Rollins said that while Donald Trump tried to be funny, he did not manage to. The reason for this was the fact that his type of humor was not fit with the audience present there. So the guests did not find him amusing at all.

Hillary Clinton spoke too

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton had something to say too. But her lines were far less brutal than those of her opponent. She talked about Trump’s recent comments about women and how he can have any woman because he is a star. Also, she reminded everyone about those women who accused him of groping and kissing them without their consent. But this was nothing new, and she managed to keep the speech light-hearted and fit with the event. Hillary said at one point, in response to Trump’s comment about Catholics, that she does not consider herself a saint. She joked that getting out of three presidential debates against Donald Trump should be considered a miracle.

So, it was obvious that the tension between them two was still present and it manifested itself even a day after the third debate was over. Even if the two candidates shook hands at the end of the event, it was a cold shake. And it was only normal to be so, after they exchanged so many insults during the debate.  So the atmosphere is still heated and will probably continue to be so until the final day of the presidential race. After that, one of those two extremely interesting and unusual personalities will become the president of the United States.

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