“Debate Two must be better”, says Trump ’s Campaign

“Debate Two must be better”, says Trump ’s Campaign

Two days have passed since the presidential debate. And while almost everybody who watched it thinks that Trump ’s performance was extremely poor, his campaign men apparently think the same. Not poor but maybe insufficient to compete with his opponent. The conclusion is that he must drastically improve in the second meeting if he wants to keep chances alive.

Trump himself, on the other side, thinks he did a nice job. He also said that any imperfections which might have appeared were not his fault. But his team seems to agree with everybody’s opinion. It was not nice.

His family is not satisfied

But a source close to Trump revealed that he doesn’t actually think he did a good job. Reportedly, for him the debate was “a disaster”. Eve his family and children did not seem to enjoy it at all. They blamed the performance on his campaign leadership who did not force him to take it seriously and to prepare for it better. But as a presidential candidate, do you really need someone else to force you to prepare for something that might earn you the presidential chair of the U.S? This proves that Trump might not take this job as seriously as one might think.

People are saying that Trump need to drastically change if he is to have a chance. That these failures might not only affect his presidential run but also his businesses. Both his and his children’s. The entertainment factor which got him in the last two will not work for when he will (or if will) be president. People close to him are saying that he chooses to not reveal the charismatic and kind person he is for fear that this might be deemed a weakness. If this is indeed true, it will not be seen as a weakness at all. But if he chooses to go this way now, people will think that he is faking it and it might do him more bad than good. So, at this particular time, to show the world the nice and humble Trump might not be a smart move.

Debate training

Trump’s people are saying that for the next debate, the candidate will be much more prepared. They are making a plan in order to help him succeed in this next debate. The plan includes mock debates and exploitation of Clinton’s weaknesses. They said that a debate coach might intervene if the situation requires, to put Trump on the right debate path.

The reason behind his lack of preparation before Monday night is reportedly the fact that he thinks he is doing better when he is unpracticed. He thinks that over-practicing will make him lose his character and seem a puppet. This is not entirely wrong. But a balance must be found in order to not make him look completely fake. For example, Hillary prepared, and even admitted that she prepared, and she did not look forced at all. That’s the key.

All in all, Trump’s campaign is saying that he is a fast learner and that undoubtedly, the second debate must and will be much better.

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