Same Old Tactics Dems Attack the Person Not the Evidence

Same Old Tactics Dems Attack the Person Not the Evidence

On Monday, the Top House Democrats asked the Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, to recuse himself from the investigation surrounding Russia’s intervention in the presidential election. This happened after a revelation that Nunes had met at the White House with some sources. Those sources supposedly showed him some secret intelligence reports. According to what Nunes said last week, those reports he saw proved that president Donald Trump and his team members may have been indeed surveilled by spy agencies. Now, this new reveal that Nunes had actually met with a source and he was presented the intelligence reports, changes the situation. It also made people wonder what made Devin Nunes intervene and talk about this intelligence meeting.

The Democrats’ opinion

Now, the House Democrats are saying that what Devin Nunes did put the entire investigation in danger. According to them, the House Intelligence Committee chairman was too close to the president during that period of time. So, it would be impossible for him to be completely impartial. And everybody wants a fair investigation which will finally reveal the truth. Nunes was also part of Trump’s transition team.

Adam B. Schiff of California is one of the people who, on Monday night, stated that the Americans cannot fully trust someone to be impartial when it comes to this kind of situation. However, Democrats have not called for an independent investigation just the recusal of Nunes. 

The three investigations

At the moment, there are no less than three investigations going on, regarding the Russian intervention in the presidential election. The House Intelligence Committee is currently running the first one. The Senate Intelligence Committee has its own and, finally, the FBI has been carrying some counterintelligence procedures since July. However, many people said that Devin Nunes only revealed that he saw intelligence materials on Trump’s surveillance after being instructed by the president to do so. The Democrats are also calling on Speaker Paul Ryan to publicly ask Nunes to recuse himself from the investigation.

On Monday night, president Trump seemed to want to distract everybody’s attention from what was going on. He posted some messages on Twitter in which he asks why does not the House Intelligence Committee look deeper into Hillary and Bill Clinton’s Russian connections. He then posted another message in which he claims that all this Trump-Russia situation is completely made up.

Interestingly enough, after Nunes initially revealed that he had seen intelligence reports about Trump’s surveillance, the president came out and stated that he felt “vindicated”. This also prompted speculations regarding the fact that he actually instructed Nunes to say what he said. We will see if Devin Nunes will indeed recuse himself from the investigation.

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