DEADLOCK! Dems Refuse To Confirm Trump Nominations

DEADLOCK! Dems Refuse To Confirm Trump Nominations

According to multiple official sources, the Trump administration did not have any discussions with the top Republicans in the country or heads of committee before introducing the “Muslim ban”. On Friday, the president banned visas for travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries for up to 120 days. Trump signed the order at the Pentagon on live television. However, it seems that people like Speaker Paul Ryan were not consulted or even shown the text of the executive order beforehand.

Republicans “left in the dark”

This so-called “Muslim ban” was the reason why hundreds of travelers became stuck in airports all over the world. Moreover, the order sparked waves of criticism and protests all over the United States. Some GOP aides have said that even if some offices received the news about this new executive order, they were not offered any details about it whatsoever. Many other Republicans were reportedly “left in the dark” too. Even if there have been some discussions for some of them, the Trump administration is the one which finally decides the policies inside the executive order. Also, it is in charge of its implementation. The Trump administration did not offer any details to anyone about the travel ban.

Moreover, it seems like the Capitol Hill also noticed the administration’s lack of collaboration in handling the executive order. Trump’s team reportedly received a call in which Capitol Hill explained that the team needs to do a better job at coordinating new orders and making them public. Communication is key, according to them.

Democrats attack the order

Even if Democrats pledged to try and find common ground with the Trump administration, they abandoned all their efforts when the president signed the “Muslim ban”. In conclusion, the Democrats from the Capitol Hill said that they would start a fight against this decision. This supposed fight might include huge protests all over the country regarding the ban and the delay of Cabinet confirmations. For entire weeks, the Democrats have said that they will try and work together with the Republicans for the country and for its well-being. However, given the recent news, their attitude completely changed.

According to a senior aide, what Donald Trump has done absolutely “shredded the Constitution”. In consequence, they will postpone any confirmation votes until the situation regarding this controversial order is under control. He also said that this ban might end up making victims among Americans and that its consequences should really be analyzed.

On Monday evening, the Democrats from the Senate wanted to pass a legislation to rescind Donald Trump’s order. Unfortunately, the support from the GOP was insufficient. Meanwhile, the president and his team strongly defended the order. They said that it is not at all a religious ban. On the contrary, it has to do with the protection of the country and with the safety of its citizens. In order for this to happen, one must take some radical decisions. This is exactly what Trump did. All in all, the controversy surrounding the “Muslim ban” is not going to cease anytime soon. Only time will tell how will this entire situation end.

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