Diablo 4 Game May Be Coming Soon

diablo 3 main character

Diablo 4 game may be coming soon to your nearest gaming shop.

New information on the Diablo Project has become available. This means that Diablo 4 game may be coming soon to your nearest gaming shop. The possibility of a new Diablo that is in the works has gotten gamers all heated up. A job post has appeared in the press, essentially giving away Blizzard’s intention of hiring a new director to bring about the future of the Diablo series.

To date, the project was not officially announced, and we can’t know whether it’s a spin-off, DLC or an actual game. IGN reports that the job opening was first spotted by BlizzPro, who saw that the Blizzard studio page for careers has a listing for “Game Director, Diablo – Unannounced project.” The user IGN believes this could be a new expansion pack or even a new game.

With Diablo, it is difficult to forecast Blizzard’s intentions for this game. However, Games Beat put out some interesting news bites on Blizzard, with regards to the hiring of a new director for Diablo IV. Blizzard officials have said that this employment is to replace the former director for games, Josh Mosqueira.

Blizzard explained that Josh decided to pursue other opportunities and has left the Diablo team. Blizzard wants to fill the director position from within the company or externally. They did not say anything about the franchise’s future, which may come into question.

This basically means that they’re planning something for Diablo III or maybe the Diablo franchise, generally speaking.The game underwent many changes and upgrades, since coming out in 2012. The last big expansion pack for Diablo was out in 2014, and some speculate that it might be the case for a new expansion pack.

One of the more controversial features of Diablo 3 is the Real Money Auction House, where gamers can buy virtual items with real money. After criticism and some hacked accounts which led to missing the money, Blizzard has decided to close these auction houses.

The Auction Houses were first banned from opening in South Korea, because of gambling fears over Diablo 3. Diablo 3 is available for Windows and OS X consoles, since May 2012. The last expansion pack for Diablo 3 was called Reaper of Souls.Are you an avid gamer? Please let us know what your opinion on Diablo 3 is, and what you make of the new, unannounced project, coming soon.

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