Doctor who called Michelle Obama “monkey face” resigns

Doctor who called Michelle Obama “monkey face” resigns

Michelle Herren, the Colorado doctor who called First Lady Michelle Obama “monkey face” in an online post resigned from her job on Friday. According to the Denver Health Medical Center, the pediatric anesthesiologist and the medical center “mutually agreed” to end their collaboration for good. On Thursday, Herren was also fired from her unpaid teaching job at University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine.

An angry rant

It all started when Herren posted an angry rant on Facebook about Michelle Obama. Reportedly, she got mad after reading another post which was praising the First Lady. At first, she chose to post a not very flattering photo of Obama along with a comment which was

“Doesn’t seem to be speaking too eloquently here, thank god we can’t hear her!”

However, she did not seem to want to stop there. The doctor kept going and later wrote a post in which she was calling Michelle Obama “monkey face” and that she is speaking “poor ebonic English”. She also felt the need to explain that she is not a racist, she just tells the truth. In the same horrible comment, Herren also claimed that Harvard is for liberals. It is a wide known fact that the First Lady studied law at Harvard.

Searching for excuses

While speaking with Denver 7, Michelle Herren said that all of her comments were taken out of context. Also, that she did not mean them. Moreover, she had the audacity to say that the term “monkey face” is not necessarily offensive in her opinion. She insisted that she is not racist and that she does not have anything against the First Lady.

Shortly after the hospital saw her rude comments on Facebook, they banned her from seeing patients and from providing anesthesia for them. The medical facility also placed her on administrative duty, before she resigned. She had a career of ten years at this hospital.

Disappointment of the medical community

All the local medical community is reportedly extremely disappointed in her and asked for her resignation. The Denver medical school also promised it would end her contract after numerous students expressed their concerns regarding her aggressive rant on Facebook.

JoAnn Nieto is friends with the person who posted the praising message about Michelle Obama which infuriated Herren. Nieto said that this whole situation is extremely sad. Moreover, Herren is a doctor (or rather was) to a pretty big minority population. Nieto also complained to the CU Board of Regents and said that what is worse is the fact that the doctor has not even apologized for her comments. Since the incident exploded, Herren deleted her comment and closed down her Facebook page.

What is disappointing is the fact that Herren is not the only one to make such crude comments about first lady Michelle Obama. A West Virginia mayor also resigned after she made a similar comment. In it,  she called Obama “an ape in heels” and praised Melania Trump instead. What is happening is very sad because these comments are coming from people in important positions. They are not just anyone on the street. People who are influencers and who are proving that they do not deserve to be in their position.

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