Republican Infighting Is Pushing Trump’s Approval Rating, Lower than Ever

Republican Infighting Is Pushing Trump’s Approval Rating, Lower than Ever

On Sunday, a new poll, made by the website Gallup, revealed how low is president Donald Trump’s approval rating. According to it, it is now at only 37 percent. Gallup makes those daily polls after phone conversations with about 1,500 people from all over the country. It reportedly has a margin of error of 3 percent. Now, it seems like the poll regarding Trump’s approval rating shows that only 37 percent of the American people agree with what the president has been doing since taking office, on January 20. Meanwhile, 20,58 percent of them strongly disapprove. This week’s poll hit an all-time low. In comparison, last week’s results showed a 45 percent approval rating.

Lower than Obama’s

According to the same website, former president Barack Obama usually had an approval of about 50 per cent. However, in March 2016, his disapproval ratings were somewhere around 40 percent. Gallup also stated that, throughout last month, these disapproval ratings have been declining little by little. There is even a lower approval rate when it comes to Jewish Americans, the website reports. Just of 31 per cent. This latest poll rounds up a rather difficult week for the Trump administration. Now, Donald Trump and his team are trying to find support for their new American Health Care Act, which they released last week. This is meant to be the bill to replace Obamacare. The president vowed so many times to get rid of it and he even deemed it as being a complete failure.

This poll also comes right after a federal judge in Hawaii, Derrick Watson, decided to block Donald Trump’s second attempt at a travel ban. Last week, on Wednesday, the president said that he would go to the Supreme Court if the situation calls for it. Also, that he will try to do everything for his new travel ban to pass. Apart from this, the administration has also received harsh criticism. This was mainly because of Donald Trump’s baseless claim that Obama wiretapped his office in New York during the presidential campaign.

The American Health Care Act

On March 6, when the Trump administration announced their new heath care bill, House Speaker Paul Ryan said that it will surely lower the costs. Also, to encourage competition and, most importantly, to offer each American citizen the access they need to health care which is both of quality and affordable. Moreover, he stated that the new health care bill will protect people of all ages. This along with people with pre-existing conditions. Apart from that, Ryan also stated that transition period is going to be smooth so that nobody will feel any sudden change and be left uncovered.

Still, many people, mostly Democrats, have harshly criticized some important aspects of the new health bill. It’s vote is scheduled for Thursday. For example, the Congressional Budget Office stated that the Trump administration’s health bill might leave about 24 million people without an insurance by the year 2026. All in all, it remains to be seen whether or not the health bill would pass the vote on Thursday. This is the most important trial it has to go through.

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