Donald Trump and the Climate Change Issue

Donald Trump and the Climate Change Issue

What is the difference between someone like president-elect Donald Trump, who does not believe in climate change and someone who apparently does, but doesn’t act on it? Absolutely none! This is why everyone should be aware of the fact that trying to convince him to act on the situation would be useless. And why should someone do that? After all, a natural reality cannot bend under the will of a world leader, be it the president of the United States.

Worthless efforts

Do you remember the story of the Roman emperor Caligula who got so mad with the God Poseidon that he declared war? He gathered his troops and ordered them to start stabbing the ocean’s water with their spears. In his mind, he was hurting Poseidon. In everybody else’s opinion, he was a madman. This situation is somewhat similar. Even if Donald Trump would acknowledge that climate change is a real problem, what can he do about it? Order the construction of a massive freezer to stop the ice from melting?

In a perfect world, everybody would acknowledge this reality and do something about it. But the problem is that even the world leaders who believe in this issue are doing nothing to stop it.

The before-Trump era

People are saying how Trump will probably destroy what Barack Obama and the other presidents before him did. Maybe in other fields, but in what regards climate change, he will have to work really hard to do less than what they did. Because they also did almost nothing. So what will Trump destroy exactly?

People will now start protesting and acting against Donald Trump. But the question is why? Did he do anything wrong in what regards climate change? He did not. until now, at least. Let’s say that the powers of the world would want to sign a Climate Change Agreement. What would this change? A piece of paper is not as important as an actual effort against this natural problem that is real. And as long as the effort does not exist, they can sign one thousand agreements. It would be in vain.

The horrifying plans of Donald Trump

Donald Trump is planning to cancel the U.S. adherence to the Paris climate agreement. Also, to accelerate fossil fuel production. Right now, in Marrakesh, Morocco, there are international climate change talks taking place. And we have heard that some environmentalists even shed a tear when they learned about Trump becoming president of the U.S. Talking about passion…

The problem is that some people fail to discern between saying scandalous and controversial things during a campaign to attract voters and actually doing them. He also claimed that he would build a wall at the Mexican border and that he would stop the collaboration with NATO. Barrack Obama already met with Trump and reassured everyone that he will continue the NATO agreement. As for the wall, let’s be serious. This is not Game of Thrones. Those plans about climate change? Most probably he will not put them in practice because Donald Trump is not alone at the White House. There are some people in there who actually know what this is all about.

All in all, it must be said that at this moment, no country in the world is taking any measures against climate change. So to start panicking about what Trump might do sometime in the future is absurd. I am not saying that the problem is not real and that it should not be acted upon. I am just pleading for a calmer situation, where people need to stop and look around. Trump is not the biggest threat this world is facing right now.

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