Donald Trump names even more Controversial Advisers

Donald Trump names even more Controversial Advisers

On Wednesday, president-elect Donald Trump chose other two controversial figures as advisers. One is billionaire Carl Icahn and the other is China critic Peter Navarro. From now on, they will fill two very important White House posts, as advisers. It seems like Trump keeps on naming some unexpected people to help him in his upcoming mandate as president of the United States.

Peter Navarro

According to Donald Trump, Peter Navarro is going to lead the newly-made National Trade Council. This new group was created at the White House in order to equal the importance of the crucial National Security and Economic Councils. Navarro has always been a very vocal critic in what regards China, including the globalization issue and the country’s trade with the Asian giant. He wrote a book in which he displayed his convictions on China and also produced a documentary called “Death by China”. It is interesting that he has actually been a Democrat for many years, but said numerous times that he felt like his party abandoned him.

In his newly appointed position, he will deal with trade negotiations as well as helping the Trump administration introduce the all-American pledge. Navarro is also a professor of business at the University of California. However, Navarro is not a new face to neither Trump or his team. During the presidential campaign, he collaborated with billionaire Wilbur Ross. Together, they shaped the trade initiative which pretty much got Trump elected. Even if Navarro is going to take care of trade businesses, Trump must also name a U.S. trade representative. That person will actually be the most important one in this particular area of interest. In his Wednesday official statement, Trump admitted that Navarro’s work and ideas have influenced him greatly over the years.

Carl Icahn

Carl Icahn is a billionaire who invested a lot in Donald Trump ‘s presidential campaign. His new duty will be to take care of regulatory reform. However, there is a bit of mystery around his effective position. According to the transition team, his role is not well defined and he will not be an employee of the government. Like Trump, Icahn is also an environment-skeptic. He owns many businesses and sometimes twisted Trump ‘s economic decisions in his own benefit. Back in September, he said in an interview that he is a “man with an agenda”. Still, according to him, many other important people had agendas and still did the right thing.

On Wednesday, the president-elect also met with the chief executive of Boeing, Dennis Muilenburg. This meeting comes as a follow-up of one of Trump ‘s tweets in which he complained about the high price for an Air Force One. After the meeting, Muilenburg said that they reached an agreement regarding this matter.

All in all, it seems like Donald Trump continues to appoint some interesting names to even more interesting positions. He is surrounding himself with people he trusts and who have the same views and ideas as him. This is a good thing which will benefit him greatly in the coming years. However, it may not be such a good thing for the people of America. They want to know that president’s men will take care of them.

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