Donald Trump sparks Controversy with his “Bad Hombres” Line

Donald Trump sparks Controversy with his “Bad Hombres” Line

On Wednesday night, the third and final presidential debate took place. Awaited by everyone who wanted another helping hand in making up their minds. We are not sure if this final debate managed to do that, but one thing is sure. Donald Trump did it again! Is it even a surprise anymore? Apart from his attacks on Hillary Clinton, he made an interesting choice of words at one point in the debate.

The “bad hombres”

Donald Trump is infamous for his unusual idea of raising a wall (yes, a real wall) at U.S.’s border with Mexico. This concept of his helped him a lot. One might say that it even helped him become the Republican nominee. Well, during Wednesday night, he doubled down on that idea. And in case people were forgetting about the famous Trump persona, they were quickly reminded. He began blaming some “bad hombres” for bringing drugs into the country and for starting an epidemic. Also, he even promised everyone that he will kick them out of the country when he will be president.

The Mexican’s opinion

But his mix of English and Spanish sparked controversy all around the country. On the Internet, the “bad hombres” phrase quickly became a Twitter trending topic. In Mexico, people were reportedly disgusted with him and his behavior. According to a Mexican citizen, Trump’s way of talking about them is nowhere near presidential. Let’s not forget that in the past, Donald Trump has called Mexicans rapists or criminals. It seems like he still has the same opinion of them. The Mexican citizen also said that if he thinks that insulting other nationalities will make him president he is wrong. Even if there are many Americans who share his opinion, this should not be a reason to choose your president for.

A bizarre comment

Many people did not even understand what he was referring to. For some, this was considered a warning message towards the Mexicans. For other, it was just Trump-specific non-sense. A Spanish speaking political commentator actually said on Twitter that what Donald Trump said was not grammatically and semantically correct. First lesson for any presidential candidate: when you want to insult someone using another language, make sure you say it right. Otherwise, the insult might lose some if its impact.

The final debate

To conclude, Donald Trump was again his usual self during the final presidential debate. As for Hillary Clinton, polls are showing that she is the favorite to win. Even if, some people still believe that she is the more dishonest one of them. The reason for this? Unknown. We agree that she has done some wrongs in the past, but everyone has. Trump has done them too. And now it seems like they are coming back and are accusing him of sexual abuse. But this is another story.

By now, the people of America should have their minds set. What they want for them, what they want for their children or grand-children. It is after all a subjective matter. Let’s hope everyone’s subjectivity matches.

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