Melania and Ivanka Wow At First Hosted Event

Melania and Ivanka Wow At First Hosted Event

At the same time, anyone who is someone walked the red carpet at the 2017 Oscar Awards on Sunday, United States president Donald Trump had his own event to attend to. The president invited 46 state leaders at his Governors Ball, who took place at the White House. He reportedly shared a preview of what he is going to talk about on Tuesday, during a joint session of congress. This event was the first one that first lady Melania Trump hosted since becoming the First Lady.

The Governors Ball

President Donald Trump and his wife were joined by Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen Pence. He then thanked his wife for the beautiful event and for the effort she put in organizing it. Indeed, the room looked very beautiful, with white candles and flowers which Melania wanted to be placed on the tables. Immediately after, the president started talking about everything he has done since taking office. He characterized it all as having been “a lot of fun”.

He continued by saying that his administration accomplished almost everything it planned to. Trump stated that he feels honored because he managed to keep a lot of the promises he made during his presidential campaign. And that his entire team is very happy with the way things are currently going. Trump also said that he cannot wait to meet the governors on Monday and to discuss important matters, including health care.

The health care issue

Donald Trump doubled down on the fact that Obamacare needs to be repealed and quickly replaced. As for what he is planning to replace Obamacare with, the president called it something “very special”. After his speech, the president invited Democrat and National Governors Association chairman Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe to give a toast.

The Governors Ball marked the first major social event since the new administration took office. First Lady Melania Trump even noted that it was an evening not destined for politics but for fun and relaxation. The president does not drink alcohol, so he preferred to toast with water. One of the main planners of the event was Melania’s senior adviser and friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff. She previously worked as the events director for Vogue and even organized the Met Gala, among other events. The theme of the ball was reportedly spring inspired, hence the flowers.

Ivanka Trump posted a message on Twitter and also added a photo of her and her husband, Jared Kushner, dressed for the ball, in front of their Washington DC residence. Before going to the event, the couple enjoyed a monster truck rally in Baltimore. According to some sources, the resident felt very good during the entire ball and no unwelcomed events happened. Both Republicans and Democrats enjoyed the evening, especially after the first lady said in a statement that political labels should be left behind. Both Melania and Ivanka wore dark, strapless dresses and their significant others elegant tuxedos.

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