Donald Trump chooses Scott Pruitt, a Climate Skeptic as Head of EPA

Donald Trump chooses Scott Pruitt, a Climate Skeptic as Head of EPA

On Wednesday, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager announced that he has chosen Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency. By choosing Pruitt, Trump might actually keep his promise to destroy any previous effort to fight against climate change. Pruitt is an avid supporter of the fossil fuel industry.

A climate change skeptic

Scott Pruitt has the same views on climate change as Donald Trump. He opposed Barack Obama’s plans for fighting climate change and is a well-known fan of the fossil fuel industry. Environmentalists all over the United States have begun protesting immediately after finding out Trump’s pick. The president-elect’s advisor has responded that Pruitt is one with the greatest qualifications and agenda out of each possible candidate who Trump interviewed for the post.

Ken Cook, the president of the Environmental Working Group, has said that Pruitt might become one of the greatest threats for the environment. He is known to have opposed the scientific proven theory that climate-change has been created as a consequence of people’s actions. He does not agree with the fact that the globe is warming quickly and that everyone should unite their forces to act. Not doing anything might prove to be a catastrophic choice for the entire planet.

The effect of Trump’s choice

In the United States, there are states which believe in fighting against climate change, like California. However, there are other states which are still very skeptical and support the fossil fuel industry. Oklahoma, Pruitt home state, is one of them. Still, this might not be a good thing for it, as scientists have proven that the frequent earthquakes there are caused by massive underground removal of wastewater. This all happen because of some operations meant to extract oil and gas. As for what he will do with Obama’s Clean Power Plan, he will not have the power to cancel it. However, Pruitt can do a lot of other things in order to slow it down or to not defend it in court. This plan aims to reduce power plant emissions.

Efforts to stop the Clean Power Plan

Also, according to some reports, Pruitt has created an alliance with the oil and gas company Lawyers for Devon Energy. In the correspondence released by The Times, Pruitt and Devon are discussing ways in which they can stop Obama’s Plan. Many people disagreed with Trump’s decision to name Pruitt as head of EPA. Still,  there are others who are supporting him and his ideas. One of those people is Senator Jim Inhofe, who called Pruitt “one of his best friends”. He also said that their ideas coincide and that it would be very exciting to see what he will do in his new position.

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has repeatedly called climate change a hoax invented by the Chinese. He also said that he would not abide by the Paris treaty. The agreement was signed last year by 195 other countries. According to the treaty, the United States need to reduce the human-produced warming. However, if the U.S. will indeed refuse to abide, this might become an example for other countries which might do the same. This way, the treaty would be in vain and the humanity would still be in danger. Let us hope that this is not going to happen.

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