Trump STEADFAST! Will Sign Revised Controversial Executive Order

Trump STEADFAST! Will Sign Revised Controversial Executive Order

United States president Donald Trump is going to sign a new travel ban on Monday. According to a White House official, this is going to be a new version of the controversial executive order which bars the entry of people from certain mainly Muslim countries. It will also temporarily halt the country’s refugee program. The same official stated that this new order has been in the works since a federal court blocked the old one. However, it seems like the only reason for which the Trump administration waited so long to reveal it was that it needed to coordinate the agencies which are going to take care of its implementation.

A revised version of the ban

The Trump administration is saying that the new order is going to have the exact same purpose as the first one. It is going to help keep terrorists and potentially dangerous people out of the United States. It will be temporary, and the government is going to review the visa applicants and the vetting system for refugees for 90 days. The administration also stated that the new executive order is not going to face the same legal challenges of the first one. The original travel ban blocked people from Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Syria and Libya from coming into the country. Those are seven mainly-Muslim countries.

However, it seems like the new and revised order is not going to apply to the people of Iraq anymore. The reason for this is the country’s huge efforts in the fight against the Islamic State. The Pentagon and the State Department insisted on the removal of Iraq from the list. There will be some other changes in the new executive order. Like the fact that all the already existing visas are going to be functional and honored. Apart from that, the Syrian refugees will no longer have to face a ban for an indefinite period of time. Their suspension will last for 120 days, like all the other refugees. Some people criticized the initial ban for using a language that might offer priority to Christians but exclude Muslims. The new order will no longer use that specific language, it seems.

A step forward?

President Donald Trump signed the initial travel ban in January. It immediately sparked a lot of controversy and revolts all over the country. It even caused people to be stuck in airports all over the world. After numerous protests from normal people and celebrities alike, judges froze it. Many saw the order as being the biggest mistake the Trump administration has done since taking office. Officials, enforcement agents and even some of the president’s aides were apparently not briefed accordingly on the order. This fact caused total chaos all over the country and in many foreign airports too.

There were rumors about the new executive order for some weeks. However, it seems like the administration wanted to keep the momentum from Trump’s Congress speech, which received a lot of praise. So, they postponed it from Wednesday. They will make it official on Monday it seems when the president will reportedly sign it.

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