Donald Trump calls UN “a group for People to have a Good Time”

Donald Trump calls UN “a group for People to have a Good Time”

On Monday, president-elect Donald Trump posted yet another one of his famous messages on Twitter in which he characterized the UN as being “a group for people to have a good time”. His rant comes just days after the organization banned Israeli settlements in the West Bank and the eastern Jerusalem.

Trump ‘s opinion about the UN

In his Monday Twitter message, the president-elect said that the UN actually has “great potential”. However, that it is “sad” that they only gather there to have a good time. Trump also said on Friday that after he will be officially installed at the White House, things will start to change in what regards the UN. As for what triggered this reaction from Donald Trump, it is still uncertain. However, prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, said that the Obama administration’s decision to abstain from Friday’s UN vote was “shameful”. On the other side, Trump said numerous times that the U.S. should exercise its veto right. By not doing this, the current administration only worsened the already tense relations with Israel.

Last year in December, Donald Trump told journalists that he was very neutral in what concerns the Israel-Palestine problem. However, things seemed to have changed over the course of his presidential campaign. His allegiance slowly started shifting towards Israel. He also made his disagreeing opinion of Palestinians known many times thus causing controversies, in his usual style.

Not the only critic of the organization

Still, the fact that Donald Trump criticized the UN did not come as a surprise to a lot of people. The organization’s bureaucracy is what made many of them question its means and actions. However, nobody doubts their humanitarian and peacekeeping strategies. They have helped many people in need over the course of the years. However, there have been some governments from the West which have repeatedly accused the UN of being extremely inefficient. Other, smaller and poorer countries have said that the organization receives a great deal of influence from the bigger, wealthier nations.

Another interesting fact which Trump noted in a later tweet, is that markets are up since he won the election. This is actually true. In another, final tweet also on Monday, Trump talked about the poor way in which the media covered his Foundation. According to him, the media talks about his millions of dollars. Still, they do not say a word about the fact that he has given big chunks of those to charities all over the U.S.

Actually, on Saturday, he told reporters that he would give up on his foundation. The reason behind this move is that he does not want to cause any conflict of interest while he is in office. The Trump Foundation has been under an investigation due to numerous reports from the media. They were saying that instead of helping people in need, the foundation’s money went into his presidential campaign. The president-elect is currently at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. He is staying there for the holidays, together with his family.

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